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Motivation - Weight Loss

Are you struggling to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Your Weight Loss Motivation

Are you struggling to motivate yourself to lose weight? You know you need to but you just can’t find the motivation?

Finding the motivation to diet and exercise can often be tricky as losing weight may feel like an uphill battle. Here we will clearly lay out each stage of your weight loss journey so you can have a clearer understanding of just what the path could look like. Then we will share our greatest top tips on how you can start losing weight today.

Motivation is a crucial part of weight loss. Without motivation, you will lack the drive and energy to reach your goal weight, there is no doubt about that. But, how exactly can you find this ‘get up and go’?

Your journey to weight loss success

Your weight loss journey will almost certainly be more complicated than a 1-5 step program. This is because of unexpected drawbacks, such as lack of education on specific food groups and of course, lack of motivation. That’s why we have detailed out 5 steps to take if you want to give yourself the best chance at losing weight.

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Motivating – Weight Loss

         Staying Motivated for Weight Loss

Motivation FAQs

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?

There are many ways to maintain motivation such as starting simple, seeing the good in the bad, keep learning, stay around like minded people.

How Do You Stay Focused & Motivated In life?

Staying focused and achieving your goals have many methods such as not assuming money is a motivator. Visualise your end goal and stay organised.

How Do You Get Your Motivation Back?

Revisit targets you have set yourself and and regularly review your goals.

What Causes Lack Of Motivation?

Many things contribute to lack of motivation such as setting overwhelming goals, being exhausted or having fear hold you back.

How To Stay Motivated To Workout?

To maintain your workout motivation try to make it fun, make sure a physical activity is part of your daily routine, be flexible and reward yourself for completing tasks.

Ask yourself ‘Why exactly do I want to lose weight?’

Whether it’s to feel good in the bikini you want to wear on an upcoming trip, boosting your self esteem and self confidence or a health reason, it’s important to have full clarity on this to keep you motivated in the long run.

Set yourself quantifiable goals.

Setting yourself the goal to ‘lose weight’ in itself can be demotivating as it is such a vague statement. By setting yourself a goal such as ‘losing 5lbs in 1 month’, you can quantify your goals so firstly, you can understand whether you have achieved them, and secondly to give yourself something specific to work towards.

Also identify the steps you will have to take to achieve your specific goal, such as going on a run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Make sure you stick to this plan…

Create a morning mantra to keep yourself on track.

By writing something motivational to recite in the morning, you will feel pushed closer towards achieving your goal. Also, by phrasing the mantra is a format where the goal has already been achieved can help you visualise your results and keep you motivated, e.g. “I have lost 5lbs and this outfit looks great on me”.

Identify and eliminate your bad habits.

Transformations such as losing weight require long term commitment. This is why it is particularly important to kick you bad habits as soon as possible, to avoid setting yourself up for a fall in the coming months. Bad habits of this kind often present themself in the form of alcohol or sweets. By doing this, you will see results quicker which in turn keeps you motivated to lose weight.

Have a positive attitude and mindset.

This sounds simple but shouldn’t be forgotten. With enough willpower and motivation anything can be achieved. Therefore, with a positive attitude about weight loss you will feel more motivated, in turn increasing your chances of success.

There you have 5 stages in your weight loss journey ensuring you remain motivated throughout. Weight loss can be trickier than it sounds, so be sure you check out our range of diet plans under the weight loss section of our website. In addition to this, we have listed a number of ‘top tips’ to ensure you stack on track and stay motivated!


Our weight loss motivation top tips

Here we will share the most successful tips to start your weight loss journey and keep you motivated throughout.

  • Tough love: if you are tough with yourself on exactly what you are and aren’t eating, you are less likely to get carried away on ‘treats’.
  • Ditch the excuses: by quitting making excuses such as “It’s christmas time”, you will feel more motivated as you will continuously see results instead of letting your diet plan fall apart.
  • Hide your treats: out of sight out of mind as they say. By not opening the cupboard to high-calorie, high-sugar snacks you won’t have to avoid temptation, in turn keeping you motivated.
  • Carry your weight loss mantra with you: by having a handy note in your handbag or pocket, you can realign your goals at any time you’re feeling tempted to eat something you shouldn’t.
  • Fit your weight loss plan to your lifestyle: by following a realistic diet you are more likely to continue on your journey for longer. This means improved weight loss results and in turn improved motivation.


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Weight Loss Motivation

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