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Motivation - Staying Motivated

Finding the motivation to start a new challenge is often facilitated by your need to change.

Your motivation

Finding the motivation to start a new challenge is often facilitated by your need to change. However, often most people struggle with finding the motivation to stay motivated and continue their challenge, as opposed to finding motivation in the first place. This tends to be why New Year’s Resolutions only last throughout January… 

The easiest way to stay motivated is to take action no matter how small the step is. The main way you will create more momentum in your challenge and in turn staying motivated is seeing the first signs of progress. 

No matter what the reason is behind your need to change, here are 7 key steps to maintain your motivation.

Your goal and reason behind it.

At first glance it seems self explanatory that if you have clear sight of your goal you will be more motivated to reach it, but there is more to it than that. This is a step often many people skip due to our fast paced society, but it is important to visualise your goal. 

Take whatever steps necessary in giving yourself time to decipher the exact reason behind your challenge and your goals. By visualising your accomplishments you can have a better understanding of exactly what it is you want to achieve.

When you have gained more clarity on your goal, make sure your thoughts are written down somewhere. By writing these down you can remind yourself daily of the benefits you will receive from this challenge.

Motivating – Staying Motivated

         Staying Motivated

Motivation FAQs

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?

There are many ways to maintain motivation such as starting simple, seeing the good in the bad, keep learning, stay around like minded people.

How Do You Stay Focused & Motivated In life?

Staying focused and achieving your goals have many methods such as not assuming money is a motivator. Visualise your end goal and stay organised.

How Do You Get Your Motivation Back?

Revisit targets you have set yourself and and regularly review your goals.

What Causes Lack Of Motivation?

Many things contribute to lack of motivation such as setting overwhelming goals, being exhausted or having fear hold you back.

How To Stay Motivated To Workout?

To maintain your workout motivation try to make it fun, make sure a physical activity is part of your daily routine, be flexible and reward yourself for completing tasks.

Have a clear pathway to your goal.

Jumping into a new diet or exercise plan you know little about rarely works. First, it is important to create smaller, more manageable goals that contribute to the bigger picture. Once the first smaller goal is met, you can move onto the next one.

Each of these smaller goals must be specific and have a unit of measurement in order for you to maximise on their success. For example, if you want to improve your nutritional intake, plan each meal you will have for dinner over the course of a week, and build up other smaller goals from there.

Have markers which track your progress.

Create bi-weekly or monthly checkpoints instead of measuring you progress daily. This gives you the time to make measurable changes for example, pounds lost, minutes meditated or KGs you are able to lift in a bicep curl. By giving yourself this longer time frame you are also encouraging your competitive side, even if this is just internally.

In addition to this, having checkpoints with at least a couple of weeks between them, aims to avoid discouraging you if you are only making minimal progress daily. Try setting these reminders in your calendar to track your progress.

And remember, some progress, no matter how small, is still progress. 


Educate yourself on your progress and challenges

To ensure your motivation doesn’t dip at this point, it is useful to not only focus on your goal, but the reasoning behind you wanting to challenge yourself in the first place. Whether it’s health, exercise or nutrition related, it can be useful to read up about these topics to remind yourself why you’re on this path.

Here are some useful resources:

  • Books – Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It and The 4 Hour Body
  • Films and TV – FatHead and Food, Inc.
  • Podcasts – Making Habits, Breaking Habits and The Tim Ferriss Show


Ask a friend to join you on your mission

Where possible, try to recruit a friend or family member to take on the same challenge. This benefits you two fold, as firstly you will have company, but thereafter you will be more likely to adhere to your plan in the long run.

If this simply isn’t possible, there are a number of mobile apps which ensure you’re held accountable for your goals. Be sure to define these explicitly.


Reward yourself when you reach certain milestones

This is really beneficial in staying motivated over a long period of time. Whether you’ve almost achieved your wider goal or reached one of your checkpoints, it’s exciting to look forward to a treat. This also will increase the activity of dopamine in your reward pathway of the brain, making it more likely you will continue reaching for your goals. 

Some ideas in which you could use to reward yourself in the process of staying motivated are day trips or home gym equipment upgrades. Try writing out a list of each reward you would like to receive whether that’s learning a new skill or seeing a new sight, each one will in turn increase your motivation.


Be consistent in your goals and behaviour

Most experts would agree it takes 28 days to form a habit. That’s why it is important to be consistent in your behaviour, particularly in the early days of your challenge. If you have a strong support system in place, it can take fewer days than this to form a habit. 

By visualising your goals and ensuring they remain at the centre of your focus, you are in turn increasing your chances of firstly staying motivated and secondly forming a habit.

To summarise, it can be easy to lose motivation when you do not follow the steps necessary during your challenge. However, the pain of staying the same is worse… by taking just one step in the right direction, together with these motivation tips you will stand yourself in good stead to achieve your goals.


Why We Get Fat

It is a 2010 book by science writer Gary Taubes. Following Taubes’s 2007 book Good Calories, Bad Calories


The 4 Hour Body

An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman is a nonfiction book by American writer Tim Ferriss.


Fitness & Exercise Motivation

Without the right mindset, no one will reach their health and fitness potential, and that’s exactly what Atkinson focuses on in this book.

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