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Motivation - Morning

Morning motivation is taking small steps to achieve productivity, boost wellbeing and reach success.

Morning Motivation

What is motivation?

Often we try to do what we can to make positive momentum within our own lives by selecting items that we may be able to adapt to make a change and motivate ourselves everyday. Morning motivation is taking small steps to achieve productivity, boost wellbeing and reach success. 

What are the benefits of feeling motivated? 

There are so many advantages of motivation and these are evident in our lives everyday including;

  • Motivation helps us to function and adapt
  • Boost productivity
  • Maintain wellbeing
  • It allows us to thrive

How can I increase my motivation every morning?

Get up earlier: research suggests that people who get up earlier have more success, better at dealing with issues, more proactive and better planners. So it’s clear that getting up early means there is more time in your day to do other things such as work. However, it also gives extra time to workout, eat a healthier breakfast and do something you enjoy. If you give time to yourself each morning, the less you will have to rush around and you will be in a better position to deal with the day ahead. 

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Motivating – Morning

         Getting motivated in the morning

Motivation FAQs

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?

There are many ways to maintain motivation such as starting simple, seeing the good in the bad, keep learning, stay around like minded people.

How Do You Stay Focused & Motivated In life?

Staying focused and achieving your goals have many methods such as not assuming money is a motivator. Visualise your end goal and stay organised.

How does getting up early help with motivation?

Research suggests that people who get up earlier have more success, better at dealing with issues, more proactive and better planners.

What Causes Lack Of Motivation?

Many things contribute to lack of motivation such as setting overwhelming goals, being exhausted or having fear hold you back.

What can I do in the morning to keep myself motivated throughout the day?
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Journal 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast

Eat a healthy breakfast: ever heard the saying you are what you eat? The more vegetables and fruits someone eats the happier, healthier and more creative they may feel. So why not start the day off right with a nutritious breakfast. As well, no one wants to feel hungry throughout the day, breakfast sets you up for the day and boosts concentration levels. 

Wake up nicely: no one wants to be awoken by a startling beeping alarm, you may not be able to control everything in the morning but this is something that you definitely can. This can set the pace for the rest of your day. What sort of sound do you want to wake up to? Could this be classical music which is supposed to increase intelligence levels or upbeat songs that can make you feel powerful and happy music can improve mood by releasing dopamine. 

Work out: everyone knows that exercise is great for you, no matter what time of the day you do it. There are several different benefits of exercise including;

  • Increased dopamine 
  • Increased serotonin levels
  • Decrease depression
  • Improved mood
  • Improved long term memory

However, exercising each morning makes you wake up slightly earlier, increases energy levels and naturally boosts your mood. As well as that, regular exercise can lead to increased self regulatory behaviour and willpower. What a great start to the day. 

Begin with why: if you don’t feel as though you have a purpose and don’t know why you do what you do, then it can be difficult to get yourself up in the mornings. Say you do enjoy what you do, sometimes you may forget the end goal and motivation may lag. Increase your intrinsic motivation, this helps you keep moving forward and is more powerful compared to extrinsic motivation, this can cause you to act due to incentives such as; praise, recognition and money. 

Always remind yourself why you do what you do, you could do this by making a list and putting it on your bedroom mirror or fridge. Or every night write one thing that you’re excited about for the next day. These will quickly remind you why and drive you forward. 

Remember your wins: on a day when you are feeling low, try to remember your wins and successes. Keep a note of your wins and look at them when you need a reminder, this will help stay focused. 

Do what makes you happy: in relation to work we often do much better if we are also happy in our own personal lives. Happiness is considered to be closely related to job performance and health. Each morning, do something which makes you smile. Whether that be reading a few pages of a book, going for a walk or drinking a nice cup of tea. Improving your personal life first thing in the morning will also help you improve motivation. 

Make goals: make a list of your goals and what you want to achieve, these can be big or small goals. Reminding yourself of such goals will help you to motivate yourself and get yourself back on track to work hard towards them. These will allow you to take a second and realise why you are doing what you are doing again. You may be influenced by both external and internal cues and these may push you to do more. 

Make your bed: even simply just making your bed can make you feel accomplished, it sets good habits, lowers stress and creates a sense of positivity. Even if you don’t feel as though you have accomplished much during the day you can then go home to a nice made bed. This is such a simple task that can create a great sense of wellbeing and boost productivity. 

Journal: journaling, writing daily affirmations each morning and even just writing lists can help you focus, clear your mind and empower yourself to make a change. Do this with no distractions, you don’t have to write for a long time, just as much as you feel as though you need to. Putting pen down to paper gives a deeper link to your thoughts and reasonings. It’s time to write out your thoughts. 

Meditate: this leaves you feeling relaxed and has been considered to reduce stress, lower damaging self talk and pain. 

Now you know how to increase motivation. Are you ready to have a more successful morning?


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