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weight-loss plan which works on a basis of 5% or less fat.

Rosemary Conley

What is the Rosemary Conley diet plan? 

The Rosemary Conley slimming club and diet plan, founded by Rosemary herself is a weight-loss plan which works on a basis of 5% or less fat (excluding fish and meat). The club, based largely online provides videos of anything you could need to begin your diet, such as healthy meal cooking demonstrations, workout videos on top of advice for your mental as well as physical wellbeing during the plan. 

The slimming club provides portion control advice as well as detailed information on calorie counting so you don’t get lost. The diet plans suggest over the 7-week period, you could lose over a stone.

Who is Rosemary Conley?

Rosemary was born in 1946 on December the 19th, and lives in Leicester with her second husband who she married in 1986. She has one daughter from a previous marriage called Dawn. The successful, 70-year old businesswoman has made her mark in the world founding the extensive weight loss club built in her name. As well as this she is an established author.


Why use a slimming club and not go it alone? 

It may be tempting to think going at a diet plan alone could be beneficial. Having your own project and managing your own success could work… but the benefits of being involved in a slimming club with likeminded people improves your weight-loss experience not only physically but mentally too. 

Slimming clubs such as Rosemary Conley provide moral support, unlimited healthy eating advice from other members as well as group encouragement. The team spirit of seeing your fellow successful dieters shedding the pounds, is often enough motivation in itself to keep going. 

At the end of the day, a weight loss journey isn’t all positive, there are plenty of ups and downs. Therefore the motivation and community spirit in a slimming club or diet plan such as Rosemary Conley is invaluable.

Weight Loss Diet Plans Rosemary Conley

Frequently Asked

Who is Rosemary Conley?

Rosemary Conley CBE, DL is an English, author and broadcaster on exercise and healthy living. Rosemary has authored a low-fat diet programme that combines good eating with exercise.

What Is The Rosemary Conley Diet?

A diet plan that combines healthy low fat meals with regular exercise to help slimmers transform their shape and improve their health.

What Is The Rosemary Conley Slimming Club?

Rosemary Conley is a leading diet and fitness expert with 40 years of experience. Her slimming clubs are a national network of clubs with over 170 qualified teachers running weekly classes.

What Foods Are In A Low Fat Diet?

A Low Fat Diet will typically include foods such as pasta, rice & bread. Lean meats like chicken. White fish, low fat dairy products, yoghurt, cheeses and of course vegetables, lentils and fruit.

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Rosemary Conley 

How does Rosemary Conley’s slimming club work?  

Rosemary Conley’s slimming club is made up of a range of diet plans all based in one community. They are simple and scientifically proven diets that if you strictly adhere to you will lose weight from. The diets are part of the club include:

  • 3-2-1 diet
  • Gi Hip and Thigh
  • Complete lifestyle change
  • Plant based
  • 28-day lean and clean
  • Amazing Inch Loss Plan
  • Fat Attack Booster

The most popular of these diets are the 3-2-1 diet and Gi Hip and Thigh.

The 3-2-1 diet: works on a plan that uses a combination of ‘light’ and ‘normal’ eating days. The ‘light’ days consist of around 800 calories compared to a ‘normal’ day consisting of a healthy balanced diet, similar to what you would normally eat. In addition to the specific calorie requirements, the diet suggests a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise, even if it is just walking. The ‘days’ works as below:

  • Week 1: 3 light days and 4 normal days
  • Week 2+: 2 light days and 5 normal days
  • When you have reached your goal weight: 1 light day and 6 normal days


The Gi Hip and Thigh diet: this plan works on the basis of combining exercise with a low-glycaemic index diet also containing low-fat. Within this diet, all the calories counting is done as part of the plan, so you don’t need to worry. Gi Hip and Thigh is made up of two parts:

  • Part 1: 14-day ‘fat attack’ program.
  • Part 2: 1200 calorie based diet with the allowance of treats

What are the drawbacks of Rosemary Conley? 

As with any diet plan, there are some minimal drawbacks, however this only helps you to decipher which plan is more tailored to you. Following a low-fat plan like the 3-2-1, doesn’t automatically mean the alternatives are healthier. Some fats are necessary to a balanced diet, and its counterparts are likely to be higher in sugar.

There are a range of implications of yo-yo dieting for not only your physical health, but your emotional health too. Experiencing a ‘weekly weight-in’ can be damaging for your mental health if you’re not as ‘body-confident’ as others. This is why Rosemary Conley provides a great alternative, as this is an online slimming club.


How much does Rosemary Conley cost?

When signing up to Rosemary Conley’s slimming club, you are not only receiving a diet plan, but an entire online community as well as ongoing support. The benefits of subscribing to this program include:

  • Hub of tailored recipes
  • Several weight loss plans
  • Exercise support and videos
  • Food and fitness diary platform
  • Online digital magazine subscription
  • Health and wellbeing library
  • Supporting weight loss app
  • On-going support
  • And much more!

The monthly price for all of this is £12.99 or £29.99 when payment for three months up front (£10 per month).


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