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Weight Loss - Diet Plans - Diet Deliveries

From home delivered pre-cooked meals to ingredients boxes, this could be the answer you’re looking for!   

Diet Plans Delivered

Your diet… delivered!

Long-term sustainable weight loss is defined by a healthy and balanced diet, rather than a quick fat loss and immediate shedding of pounds. A balanced diet for losing weight can be achieved daily by using diet deliveries! From home delivered pre-cooked meals, to ingredients boxes of everything you need to cook up a weight loss storm, this could be the answer you’re looking for!     

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial factor in achieving balanced health and wellbeing.

When you’re eating, what you’re eating and how much you’re eating are the crux of achieving and consistently maintaining a healthy weight. Aside from your diet plan to lose weight, exercise is another contributing factor. 

Over the years, diet plans which limited your intake of fat were thought to provide the be-all and end-all of diets. However, more recently research has shown that, not only are there many other contributing factors to the overall picture of weight loss, but that low-fat diets don’t usually work, at all… goes against your instincts, right? Experts explain, low-fat diets often don’t provide those results you’re looking for as they tend to replace those fats with easily digestible carbohydrates.

The key to losing weight 

… which unfortunately is still undiscovered by many, is consistency. You may be thinking, ‘I’ve tried but maintaining a consistent calorie deficit is too difficult’… Wellbeing 365 are here with your solution!

Healthy meals delivered to your door. 

Why not take the hassle away from planning, buying ingredients for and cooking every one of your weight loss meals… it can become monotonous and hard to stick to? And not forgetting monitoring all the nutritional information and still making sure your diet is balanced as well as calorie deficient… exhausting!   

Pre-prepared meal diet plans allow you to be nutritionally fulfilled throughout your whole day as well as losing weight at the end of it. Based on your current weight, current height, activity level, lifestyle and weight loss goals, experts behind diet delivery company’s work out how many calories you need per day to remain in a deficit but still satisfied. This means each meal prepared is tailored directly to you… infused with your favourite tastes!

Weight Loss – Diet Plans – Diet Deliveries

Diet Deliveries

Diet Deliveries FAQs

What Are Meal Delivery Services?

A meal delivery service is one that sends customers fresh meals delivered to their homes. They include individually packaged pre-portioned meals to assist with a healthy diet.

How does Meal Delivery Service Work?

Each meal kit provides fresh ingredients delivered to your front door. You can order a few meals based on your number of meals required.

Can You Lose Weight With Meal Delivery?

Diet meal delivery services are a great way to get started on your new diet. Having the correct ingredients and portion sizes delivered to you directly can help you to stick to you new healthy eating plan.

Are Home Delivery Meals Healthy?

There are many different meal delivery services designed which cater for various different requirements. Whether your require vegan meals, gluten free or all organic there will be an effective meal delivery service available.

Are Meal Kits Worth The Money?

Meal kits are worth it if you enjoy cooking and want to create a fresh, interesting meal. There are many options for healthy meals & they are competitively priced.

How does it work?

Diet delivery schemes are fairly standard across most companies. They work similarly to the following steps: 1. Weight loss assessment, 2. Choosing the right plan for you 3. Regular delivery of the food 4. Your weight loss journey. Let us explain further…          

1. Weight Loss Assessment. Firstly, a professional will understand your current height, weight, lifestyle, medical condition, exercise level, lifestyle and any other factors which may affect weight loss. Then, understand how much weight you want to lose, and ideally how quickly, along with any dietary requirements and food preferences. This part of the process is crucial to the success of your weight loss, clinical experts at a leading diet delivery provider significantly proved the division of a diet plan from a weight loss professional as opposed to a self-devised plan was 3 times more likely to show weight loss success! This stage in itself is invaluable.

2. Choosing the Right Plan for You. This follows on from the initial current status and weight loss goals assessment. Yourself together with the professional chose the best diet plan for you. Each plan is tailored towards different weight loss goals, food preferences and affordability. The extensive range of chef prepared meals means, your home favourites are bound to be in there somewhere.

3. Regular Delivery of the Food. Now the hard work is done, sit back, put your feet up and wait for your hand-prepared meals to arrive at your door, often by the next working day. With most brands, it’s possible to have your meals delivered to your home or to your workplace depending on what’s most convenient. That way, you always have a low-calorie nutritious snack or meal to hand!

4. Your Weight Loss Journey. The fun starts here. Watch the pounds drop off week by week when carefully following your expertly crafted meal plan. The range of foods make losing weight easier than you ever thought it could be, and more convenient too! Most diet delivery companies as a guideline promote a 2lb loss per week, every week… as long as the plan is followed carefully.

 Benefits of delivered pre-prepared meals:

  • Guaranteed weight loss*
  • Meals hand prepared by chefs
  • You’re still able to eat the food you love
  • The numbers are already crunched for you – no calorie counting!
  • Your food is delivered regularly, for free!

Diet DIY

Maybe this doesn’t sound like it’s for you. You’re someone who is fond of cooking, perhaps it’s a whole family activity? Well your problem is our solution! Another diet delivery scheme is an ingredient box delivered to your door. This delivery typically contains fresh, high quality ingredients tailored towards specific meals, which form a larger plan in which the end goal is weight loss! 

On top of the fun of cooking your own food, totally stress free of whether you have all the ingredients in the house, diet delivery boxes provide a range of other benefits. The first and foremost being the health benefits. After a few weeks of organised clean eating, people report feeling great not just because of weight loss and a healthier outlook, but some customers have even said their skin has cleared and they can focus more easily as they are feeler leaner and more energised. 

Other benefits of delivery boxes

In addition to the health benefits of your scheduled dieting, these delivery boxes are also a massive time saver. All the delicious, healthy ingredients are delivered directly to your door, so you can reduce your time spent food shopping, if at all! All ingredients supplied are fresh, high quality and typically organic produce. Since each ingredient is supplied to the exact quality, by buying a delivery box you are also cutting down on food waste.

Each scheme has flexible plans to ensure you’re receiving a tailored amount of your favourite foods. If you just cook for yourself one week perhaps? No problem! There is also flexibility in that if you need to skip a week or change your selected meals, that’s also not a problem.


Benefits of delivered ingredients:

  • Tasty… Recipes are created and tested by chefs
  • Flexibility… Flexibility of your favourite tastes and household size
  • No Waste… All ingredients are pre-measured 
  • Weight-Loss… You know the exact nutritional info on what is in your diet box 
  • Convenience… Diet box delivered straight to your door
  • Ease… Easy-to-make meals so you can enjoy cooking again!


We understand losing weight can often be seen as a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! There are so many diets, both fads and long-term sustainable plans out there that it’s hard to know what’s what. It’s important to keep in mind your original reasons for losing weight to keep you motivated and on track.

Diet deliveries, both meal plans and meal preparation make losing weight easier in the long term. No calorie counting, no faffing around. All organisation done for you, so you can focus on what’s important, watching the weight drop off weekly! 

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