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Look Good Feel Good & Exercise Harder – What Gear To Wear This Summer


I know at the minute every day seems like Groundhog Day, and it’s hard to see past the end of the week, but the good news is lighter nights are on the horizon and we’ll soon start to see the weather warm up and flowers start to bloom etc. With that in mind there’s no time like the present to kick start your exercise plan so you’re fit and looking good when summer finally arrives.

Sports clothing and trainers have become staple items in most people’s wardrobes, and there’s one go-to place that’s on most high streets as well as having a great online shop, and that’s JD Sports.

The company was founded 40 years ago and is named after its two founders – John Wardle & David Makin. From its humble beginnings trading from a shop in Bury Greater Manchester, to now having over 32,000 employees and 21 subsidiary companies the company is now a global brand, and has gone from strength to strength. 

With the tagline ‘The Undisputed King of Trainers’ it’s no wonder it’s the go to place for anyone looking to update their footwear collection, but JD Sports is so much more than just a trainer shop.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at all the different types of fitness clothing and accessories you can purchase from the JD Sport Website to ensure you have everything you need to look good, feel good, and exercise harder.


The JD Sports website is split into 10 separate sections;

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Accessories
  • Collections
  • JD Now
  • Football
  • Sports 
  • Clearance 

Then from within those sections, the items available are all categorised to make finding things much simpler. 

If we take the Men’s section as an example, all the footwear is in one place, and it’s further broken down into Type, Brand, Size & Colour. There’s also a link to Sale items too so be sure to check there first as you could save yourself £’s.

Also, in the Men’s section they have a great range of Clothing, again this department is helpfully split into the same categories as the Footwear Section above, so you’re not having to trawl through lots of things you don’t want, to find the things you do.

The Kids section is packed with everything for the sporty younger members of your family, and products can be viewed by gender as well as in 3 size categories;

  • Infant – (0-3 years)
  • Children – (2-7 Years)
  • Junior – (8-15 years)



This section covers anything and everything, from bags to face coverings, Jewellery to headphones, to scooters, skateboards and sports equipment.  You can again search by Men’s Women’s or Kid’s items.

One of the coolest items in this section is this great folding electric scooter;

The Link Eco Plus Electric Scooter – is suitable for ages 14 and over, and can go for 14km off a single charge, and has a thumb trigger accelerator for ease. 

It comes with three speed settings are is finished with a kickstand and signature Zinc branding.

Just imagine riding up the wide promenades of one of the UK’s seaside resorts on this. How cool would that be!

The accessories department also has a great selection of products if you’re looking to take up running to help you get fit for summer.

Here you’ll find a great selection of socks, knee and ankle supports, as well as water bottles and fitness watches to track your progress.


The Ledlenser NEO4 Head Torch is a great accessory to own if you’re the type who goes running before dawn or in the evenings when there is low light.  It comes in colours suitable for both men and women and is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Equipped with non-glare optics and a swivel-mounted headlamp with a 30 meter wide beam, this head torch has a Constant Current Mode, which provides illumination all the way to the end of your run as well as a rear flashing red light for safety. 

With buttons to control all functions and a battery pack that houses 3 AAA batteries, this IP57 water resistant head torch comes with a 7 year warranty, low battery warning and 3 power modes. It has a 40 hour run time on low power and a 6 hour run time on full power.


The collections section is where you’ll find their vast array of all the best known and well-loved trainers.

In the Nike Department alone, they have 853 options, with prices that range from;

Flip Flops at £5 for when the beaches beckon, 

right through to Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit priced at £190, 

…with something for every budget in between.


JD Now

The JD Now section is where you’ll find all the clothing brands stocked by the site, so you can get kitted out for which ever sport or past time you’re into.

It’s also where you’ll find all the latest designs and styles if you’re the fashion conscious type.



When I first looked at this department I was amazed!  If football is your thing then you’ll be in your element in this section as the choice of football shirts and kits is astounding.

No matter which Premier League, European League or International Team is your favourite, replica kits for all of them are available to purchase in the Football Section. 

You will also find Football Boots here too, again in all genders and sizes.


The JD Sports Hub has all your sports related needs covered! No matter the sport, we’ve the kits, equipment, and accessories you need to take your skills to the next level! Learn to work as part of a team playing Cricket, Rugby, Netball, or Hockey; master a discipline in Boxing or MMA and become the next UFC star or World Champ like JD’s Anthony Joshua; take your fitness levels to new height with a focus on running and training; or take your sporting passion stateside and get the basketball and football skills you need to make it in the NBA or NFL.


Being a self-confessed bargain hunter, whenever I visit any website I automatically gravitate to the Sale or Clearance Sections, even if I’m looking for something specific, as you never know what you’ll find.

The Clearance Section on the JD Sports Website is one of the biggest I’ve seen, with upto 50% off all the biggest and well known sports brands over all the different departments.

They also have over 150 Web Exclusive Items that you won’t find in their stores so it’s well worth a look.

JD Blog 

The JD Blog Section definitely compliments the shopping part of the site, with its interesting articles, facts and history around some of the most recognisable people and brand names in Sport.

The History of the Nike Dunk is a great read that tells the story of one of Nike’s oldest and most recognisable trainer, from its launch in 1985 to new variants that are due to hit the shops soon.

With all that as well as other great incentives to shop including;

  • Free Delivery over £70
  • Speedy 2 day Delivery Times
  • 20% Student Discount
  • Extended Returns
  • Buy Now Pay Later

The JD Sports is the go to place for everything you need to get ready for Summer!

Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

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Exercise Look Good Feel Good & Exercise Harder – What Gear To Wear This Summer