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Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Home Gym for Any Budget

If you have been thinking about clearing out your spare room or your garage and setting up your own home gym, to allow you to work out whenever you want, then read on;

If the space you have available is only small then don’t be disheartened. A home gym doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with lots of different exercise machines like a commercial gym, and you don’t need an enormous budget to buy the essential equipment.

What Equipment Should I Buy for my Home Gym?

When you’re thinking about the different types of equipment available for your home gym, you should choose the kit that will best help you achieve the results you want with the results you’d like to achieve. For example;

  • If you are looking to lose a couple of inches from your waistline and tone up a little bit, then an indoor cycling bike and a rowing machine would be essential buys.
  • If you are looking to build as much muscle as possible, then you may consider buying a multi-station home gym, which is an all in one solutions, along with maybe a set of weights, a weight bench, and possibly a set of dumbbells, because these would cover all bases when building muscle.
  • If you are primarily looking to improve your fitness level, lose weight and stay in shape, then a treadmill could be the answer.
  • Another cheap but really effective piece of kit that won’t break the bank is a
    Step machine, also referred to as steppers, stair climber machines or stepper machines. This will provide you with a low impact cardiovascular workout, but will also have the added benefit of toning your legs and butt as well. The other major benefit of a stepper is that they are generally a lot smaller than other pieces of equipment. Therefore, they are very easy to accommodate in your home gym set up.
  • Other recommended accessories would be a set of floor mats. As well as protecting your carpets or the floor below, these will also give you a cushioned service to make floor exercises more comfortable.
  • As seen in all the big gym chains, a couple of large mirrors will help you see how your posture is whilst exercising and doing squats etc, and should therefore help monitor your form and technique, to minimise the chance of pulled muscles or other injuries.



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Should I Buy New or Second Hand Kit?

No matter what the budget is for your home gym, who doesn’t like a bargain?

Even if money isn’t an object, bfore you commit to buy, a quick online search will come up with a plethora of stores selling equipment and accessories, either as single items or package deals, so it pays to shop around.

If you are on a budget, places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are awash with new and second hand gym equipment for sale, from the basic items to the full home gym setup, usually at great prices. But, be aware due to the weight of some of the items, they may need to be collected and could be located anywhere in the UK, so it’s best to narrow your search to your local area so you’re not disappointed by that amazing all in one home gym at a bargain price but that’s unfortunately 500 miles away!

Another thing to check is if the items you buy will come ready assembled or not? Think of the logistics involved in getting the equipment to where your home gym is located. Take the weight and dimensions into account when looking at the different types of kit available to ensure it will actually fit in the space you have available.

If your home gym will be your first foray into the gym world, it will be beneficial to watch some YouTube videos in order to learn how to use the equipment properly as well as for guidance on how to do certain exercises, in order to prevent injury.

Still Undecided If A Home Gym is the answer?

If you are still on the fence about setting up your own home gym, and are not really sure whether or not it’s a good idea, let’s look at 5 positives to help you make your mind up;

  • No recurring fees – In the long run it will work out a lot cheaper than the continued cost of gym membership.
  • No commuting to and from the gym – You don’t need to travel outside of your house before you can begin your workout.
  • No waiting for popular equipment – Working out in a gym can be quite enjoyable, but one of the most frustrating aspect of the gym is having to wait for equipment to become free, particularly during peak hours.
  • No time restrictions – Another key benefit is that you can train whenever you like. If you want to train in the middle of the night at 4:00am, there is nothing to stop you.
  • Nobody watching you – Unless you’re ultra-confident I don’t think there is anybody that likes people watching them when they are working out, but sadly this happens a lot in the gym

Don’t worry if you can’t afford an amazing home gym setup straight away. Once you have the key elements, you can look to start building out your gym depending on your strength goals and budget, and in no time you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Exercise Complete Guide to the Ultimate Home Gym