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Mental Wellbeing - Balance - Productivity

Everyone hopes to become more productive, swiftly working through to do lists, easily multitasking and boosting creativity.


Everyone hopes to become more productive, swiftly working through to do lists, easily multitasking and boosting creativity. It can sometimes seem like there’s always deadlines looming and you want to do as much as possible to reach them efficiently.  

However, do you feel like it’s difficult to attain productivity? Are you struggling to stick to a routine? Should you exercise more? Keep reading to discover how you could boost your productivity!

So, what is productivity?

Productivity is how efficient someone is at finishing a task. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done, it’s more about consistently getting the important things completed. This isn’t something that happens over night, it will take hard work and real change to create a new habit, this may even take months. Whether it’s creating a gym routine or a daily task checklist, once you’ve formed a habit it will be much simpler to stick to. Soon, it will feel like second nature to complete those tasks and you will achieve more in life. 

How does exercise boost productivity?

Being active is so important in all aspects of life both mentally and physically. A healthy lifestyle is not complete without exercise, it helps to improve memory, brain functioning, accuracy and attention span. All of which help you to make the best decisions and boost productivity. 

Even just working out for a short amount of time can generate results and this will be noticeable in just a couple of weeks of consistent exercise regime. Other benefits include; lower fatigue, improved wellbeing, reduced stress and increased energy levels, all of which make you feel more energised and happy making you more effective at completing tasks in day to day life. 

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Mental Wellbeing – Balance – Productivity


Productivity FAQ

What is productivity?

Productivity is how efficient someone is at finishing a task. 

How does exercise boost productivity?

Exercising helps to improve memory, brain functioning, accuracy and attention span which in return boosts productivity.

What different types of exercises help boost productivity?

All exercises help boost productivity in particular;



low intensity aerobic exercise

strength training

What are tips for improving productivity?

There are many ways to improve productivity including; listen to music, write a to-do list, reduce distractions and get enough sleep.

What factors affect productivity?

Technical factors, personal factors, government factors, finance and production factors. 

 Exercises for productivity

All types of exercises are beneficial for health, below are some exercises to help boost productivity.

  1. Walking: simply walking is great for overall health, it helps to increase creativity, reduce stress, re energise, raises your heart rate and much more. Studies show that employees who go for a walk on their lunch break are much more productive in the afternoon and are less likely to reach for caffeinated drinks to get them through the rest of the day. Walking to the shops or to work is a free form of exercise and can easily fit around your schedule. 
  2. Yoga: yoga has been known to help increase levels of motivation and self-esteem. This improves a person’s ability to deal with stressful situations as well as solve problems and increase energy levels. 
  3. Low-intensity aerobic exercise: These types of workouts can be beneficial for productivity as sometimes with high intensity workouts, individuals may be too tired afterwards to complete other tasks, although intense workouts can be great for weight loss.  
  4. Strength training exercises: lifting weights is a very popular gym workout, mixing aerobic and resistance training is suggested to increase brain functioning. 

How to become more productive: So you’ve decided you want to become more productive and get stuff done, but are you unsure how? Below are some great tips to get you started!

Set yourself time limits: Estimate how long a particular task will take and try to stick to it. If the task has not been completed in that time frame why not move onto another task then come back to the later with a clear head.

Reduce distractions: Nowadays, there are so many distractions from a phone to the TV, try to reduce these and just focus on the task at hand. This will help you get the task done much efficiently. 

Listen to music: Listening to music has so many benefits such as boosting your mood or keeping you focused. Having a bit of background music on whether this be calming music or pop can help you avoid any other distraction. 

Find a purpose and enjoy what you do: You are more likely to be more productive if you are actually enjoying the tasks you are completing. Often when you are not enjoying something is when you will be less productive. 

Prioritise tasks: List your tasks in order of importance and tick them off as you go along, this will ensure you finish the most important tasks before the end of the day. 

Complete the most difficult tasks in the morning: Are there any tasks that you dread doing? It can be worth completing these first things in the morning when you are more alert with more energy. Later on after a full day, you may be tired and fatigued and will definitely not want to do your most dreaded tasks then. Save the simple tasks for later on in the day. 

Reward yourself: To keep morales high and stay motivated, it’s important to reward yourself at times. Keep track of small achievements and tasks completed, you can look back on this and see what you have accomplished. Rewards can be as simple as an episode of a TV programme or a nice cup of tea. 

Don’t multitask: Although it may seem it, multitasking isn’t as productive as you’d think. This is because you will be focusing on more than one thing and can often lead to getting distracted. 

Move away from the computer: For tasks that don’t need to be done on the computer or a phone, move away from them until your task is completed. It’s so easy to get distracted online so try to avoid this. 

Get on with it: The initial hurdle is usually the hardest but once you get in the swing of things it can be simple to get on with the task. There’s never really a perfect time to start, so why not start now?

Discover which hours of the day you feel more productive: Some people are night owls, others are early birds. Find out which time you feel more productive and plan your schedule around that so that difficult tasks can be completed when you are feeling more productive.  

Keep a notepad and pen handy: Doing so, you can jot down any thoughts or ideas you may have throughout the day and get everything going on in your head, out on paper. Also, apparently sometimes the best ideas come in the middle of the night so keep one by your bed too for those 3am thoughts. 

Write a blog: Creating a blog about your achievements and personal growth will keep you accountable and also motivate you to carry on because you can clearly see how your actions are helping you move forward.  

Write a to-do list: Planning your to-do list the night before or first thing in the morning, will help you be productive from the beginning of the day. 

Write on a calendar or in your phone your most important tasks or events: Doing this, you can easily see what it is you need to be doing. This is good for time and task management.

Reflect on your own productivity: Ask yourself if you are making the most of your time and is there anything that you can be doing to make things more efficient.

Get up early: We all know that everyone loves a lie in, but every now and again why not try getting up earlier, you may notice that you are actually much more productive and more set up for the day. 

Get enough sleep: Who wants to feel tired and unproductive all day? Not me! Getting enough sleep each night, it is recommended to get 7 to 9 hours will help boost productivity levels massively. You will feel more energised and in a better mood to tackle all your tasks. 

Exercise: We touched on this at the start of this page but exercise is a huge part of boosting productivity. Studies show that in a workplace, even just going for a quick walk or lunch or doing midday stretches can help boost morale and productivity. 

Set goals: Having exciting goals will make you motivated to work towards and reach them. You can set big or small goals, either way you feel very accomplished when you reach them. 

Tell people about your goals: This way you will be held accountable for your actions. If you are not completing the tasks you should be, others will know, this in itself is enough to make people feel as though they should be productive. It will then soon become a habit.  

Listen to inspiring podcasts: Whilst you are on the commute to work, cleaning the house, cooking food or exercising, listen to audio books or podcasts. This way you can still be learning on the go and you will be more productive without actually doing much. 

Take a break: Don’t forget to take short breaks at times. When you come back to your tasks you will feel more productive and ready to go. 

Remember it’s okay to say no: If you say yes to everything you may end up with an extremely long to do list or calendar packed with events and this may lead to wear out. Remember it’s okay to say no and only say yes to the things you really want to do. 

Plan your meals in advance: This way you can write a shopping list and buy everything for the week in one go. It will save you money and time at the shops and when you are deciding what to have for dinner every night. 

Bulk cook meals: If you bulk cook meals, you will have food prepared for other days, this saves you cooking everyday. 

Work from home: Where possible, work from home a couple of days a week, this will save a lot of time on the daily commute and gives you more time to do more important things. 

It’s now time to get going, decide which tips work best for you and become a more productive version of yourself!


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