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Mental Wellbeing - Balance - Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

Taking care of your mental health as well as physical is very important especially during lockdown.

Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

We all know that the current situation is difficult and it has affected us all in some way or another. So therefore, taking care of your mental health as well as physical is very important especially during lockdown when maybe all you want to do is curl up in bed. 

Maybe you’re feeling anxious or worried about your health, finances or family. You may feel lonely, frustrated or bored. But just remember that is okay to feel that way, these are not normal and we will all come through at the other end. 

It’s difficult having to stay at home for such long periods of time but we need to do it to end the pandemic and protect others and before you know it, all these negative feelings will just be a distant memory. There are a few things that you can do to help your mental health and wellbeing and help control the way you may be feeling now, or help others around you. 

Plan the essentials

If you can’t go to the shops, you will need to plan how to get everything you need. Maybe ask friends or neighbours for support and offer your support if they may need it too. Continue accessing support and treatment for mental or physical problems that you may have where possible. If you take medicine regularly or need repeat prescriptions then you may want to do this through an app, website or over the phone to prevent having to go to a doctor or pharmacy. 

Check your benefit and employment rights

If you are worried about money or work whilst in lockdown and if it is affecting your mental health. Then you may want to have a chat with your employer or look into support for the self employed or businesses. For example, universal credit is available to individuals who are earning below a certain amount of money. Knowing what you may be entitled to can help to reduce feelings of worry. 

Mental Wellbeing – Balance – Lockdown

         Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

Lockdown FAQ

How can I stay connected with others during lockdown?
  • Facetime
  • text
  • social media
  • Phone calls
Should I limit myself from looking at Covid news?

If looking at news about Covid makes you feel anxious then avoid constantly looking at the news.

How can I improve my mental wellbeing during lockdown?
  • Keep on top of uncomfortable feelings
  • Sleep well
  • Do what you enjoy
  • Limit looking at news
What should I do if Im feeling anxious?

There is a lot you can do and this will vary between each person. For example, try doing things that you enjoy or learn a new hobby.

How can I improve balance with meditation?

Give meditation a go, it helps you to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. It does this by focusing the mind on a specific thought, feeling or action and can be used to help provide stress relief and to increase our concentration.

Talk about how you feel

It is understandable that you may be feeling helpless, scared or worried about what is going on in the world. Always remember that it is okay to speak about your feelings with people that you trust and this may also help them too. If there is no one you can talk to then there are several helplines that you could reach out to. 

Stay connected

Keeping in touch with friends and family, even neighbours is crucial for mental wellbeing. There are so many ways that you could stay in touch including;

  • Over the phone
  • Facetime
  • Social media
  • Text messaging 

Take time away from looking at the news

Try to reduce time spent listening, on social media, reading or watching any coverage of the pandemic, maybe even turn off alerts on your phone. Maybe just set a certain time for you to spend looking at such news each day if you are wanting to stay updated. Use sources that are trustworthy such as the NHS website or GOV.UK and don’t believe everything you read online.

Take care of your body

Physical health has a large impact on how we feel internally. During difficult times it can be easy to neglect yourself and simple things such as going for a walk and exercising but this can just make you feel worse. Attempt to eat well-balanced and healthy meals, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. In addition, I know it can be tempting to drink away your thoughts but limiting alcohol can actually have better effects for your mental health. During lockdown, with the gyms and exercises classes not running you may want to experiment with different workouts at home. Why not try following a youtube video or doing a workout with your friend over zoom. 

Keep on top of uncomfortable feelings

It’s normal to be concerned about the virus but neglecting your feelings and letting them build up can lead to intense feelings of anxiety that can negatively influence your day. Instead attempt to focus on things that you are able to control like how you act, where you look for information and who you are speaking to. You should understand that sometimes things are out of your control and constantly thinking about those things that make you feel overwhelmed or anxious. 

Do what you enjoy

Make sure you take some time for yourself and so what you enjoy whether this be reading a book, baking or painting. Or why don’t you try and take up a new hobby or learn something new, there are many courses or free tutorials online.

Sleep well

Having a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference to how you feel the next day so it’s important to get plenty of it. Maintain a sleeping pattern and opt for positive sleep practices. 


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