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Mental Wellbeing - Holistic - Mind and Body

Do you ever feel down and then suddenly your immune system is also weakened? This could be due to the mind and body connection.

Mind and Body

Do you ever feel down and then suddenly your immune system is also weakened? This could be due to the mind and body connection. Negative emotional health can make you more susceptible to colds and infections when times get tough or you are feeling anxious, upset or stressed. This may result in less nutritious food choices, little exercise or misuse of different substances. 

However, people who are emotionally stable are more aware of their behaviours, feelings and thoughts. They have discovered healthy ways to deal with problems and stress in their life.

What is a mind and body connection?

Having a mind and body connection means that our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings can influence our biological functioning, this can be either negative or positive. On the contrary, how we treat our physical body such as the food we eat and our activity levels can influence our mental health. If you are upset, anxious or stressed, your body can sense this and will react in a certain way for example, you may get stomach pains or get high blood pressure. 

In the past, mind and body was treated as one. Nowadays, mind and body are thought of as separate entities that are closely linked, this has become particularly evident in recent years as mental health has become more researched. This is highly beneficial in areas of medicine such as trauma care and surgery. 

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Mental Wellbeing – Holistic – Mind and Body

        Mind and Body

Mind and Body FAQs

What is mind and body wellness?

Mind and body wellness is the connection between our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings and our biological functioning. 

How can I promote positive mind and body?

There are many popular ways of doing this including; sleeping well, develop resilience, love yourself and move your body. 

What types of exercise can help mind and body?

The majority of exercises can benefit your mind and body including; yoga, pilates and thai chi.

What is an example of mind and body connection?

The way your body responds to a stressful situation for example, you may get stomache pains, tense muscles or headaches.

Can the mind affect your body?

Yes, in several different ways. Neurotransmitters can influence and communcate with the nervous system. 

How to promote positive mind and body?

There are many ways to promote a positive connection between mind and body. Understanding what the stresses and causes of anxiety in your life are will help you move forward and find find ways to overcome them, helpful tips include;

Live a well balanced life

In life you should focus on what you’re grateful for, rather than the problems. This does not mean to ignore all negative feelings it is important to deal with these but also remember to appreciate the positive too. Journaling can be a great way to track your emotions and note what makes you happy. Having a positive outlook on life can really boost your health and can be a great way to get your thoughts out. 

Know that it’s okay to be vulnerable

Nowadays, people often believe that it is negative to have moments of vulnerability. But, who doesn’t feel vulnerable at times? Being vulnerable can sometimes be a good thing, it means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and being courageous. 

Develop resilience

Dealing with stress in a healthy way starts with resilience, this can be strengthened in many ways. For example; through social support, accepting change, altering perspective and therapy. 


Have you ever been told to take a deep breath before making a decision or to destress yourself? It works, right? Breathing is such an underrated way to balance your mind and body. Focusing on your own breath instantly brings a sense of calmness, close your eyes and breathe, it really is that simple. 

Love yourself

Learning to love yourself is the key to a happy life, accepting who you are will make you feel whole and in a better position to deal with things in life. Studies suggest that positive emotions such as love help to improve your heart health and brain. Start by forgiving yourself for your past mistakes and be kind to yourself. 

Practice self care

Your mind and body correlate so it’s important to look after both of these by practicing self care. It’s true that when you look after yourself you end up feeling so much better. This could involve getting into a routine, sleeping well, exercising and eating a well balanced diet. Try to avoid binge eating and the misuse of alcohol or drugs as although they may make things feel better in the short term, in the long run it makes things so much worse. 

Find your purpose

Knowing who you are and your purpose in life, helps create a positive mindset. It’s not easy to discover what you want to do in life and that’s okay. Sometimes, your purpose may come from a negative event and you turn that into a positive opportunity. Or maybe through self-exploration techniques like reading or journaling you will figure this out. Knowing what your purpose is can invigorate yourself, if you don’t know what this is, dont worry your time will come. 

Change your ego

To promote mind and body wellness it’s important to be present in your life and appreciate the now. Often people care too much about their ego to enjoy what’s going on around them. Adapt the way you think about yourself to transform your life, you can do this through self awareness. For example, dancing, doing yoga and body scans. 

Sleep well

Melatonin is produced when you are asleep, supporting the mind body balance. When you get enough sleep your body will feel well rested and you will view your surroundings and situation more positively. So turn off that next TV episode and get some rest. 

Be mindful of what you are eating

Eating a nutritious well balanced diet has a multitude of benefits for both your mind and body. I know when you are stressed or down it can be so tempting to binge eat on sugary and salty foods but this may only satisfy your needs for a short period of time. Consuming nutritious foods will have positive long term effects. 


Meditation is being in silence, letting your thoughts drift away, focusing on your breath and relaxing. Mediation is supposed to reduce pain, stress and anxiety and improve concentration, sleep and mood. 

Move your body

Exercising is beneficial for both your body and mind. It helps to improve confidence, strength, flexibility, reduces stress and so much more. Motivate yourself to be active, this could be as simple as a walk, yoga, a swim, tai chi or exercising at the gym. Get ready to thrive and reap the benefits physically and mentally. 

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