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Mental Wellbeing - Holistic - Healing Therapy

Healing therapies are a type of holistic ‘medicine’ that approaches mental and physical wellbeing collectively.

Healing Therapy

Healing therapies are a type of holistic ‘medicine’ that approaches mental and physical wellbeing collectively. This approach considers the body, mind and spirit in an attempt to reach optimal wellbeing. In accordance to these types of therapies, optimal health can only be achieved through a balanced life. 

Professionals that practice healing therapies believe each part of a person is connected and when one aspect is not functioning normally, all other parts will be impacted because of this. Therefore, if there is an imbalance in one aspect of the body, mind or spirit, your entire health and wellbeing will be affected.

Types of healing therapies

With literally hundreds of healing therapy practices, it can be difficult to wrap your head around them. It also doesn’t help that new variations and types of therapies are emerging consistently. However, we have broken down the main types of healing therapies to be: acupuncture, crystal healing, mindfulness and mediation. Here we explore these a little deeper.

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Mental Wellbeing – Holistic – Healing Therapy

         Healing Therapy

Healing Therapy FAQs

What Are Healing Therapies?

Healing therapies are a type of holistic ‘medicine’ that approaches mental and physical wellbeing collectively. This approach considers the body, mind and spirit in an attempt to reach optimal wellbeing.

What Are The Most Popular Holistic Therapies?

There are many popular holistic therapies available, some of the most well known include: Acupuncture, Crystal Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and Aromatherapy.

What Are The 5 Areas Of Holistic Health Care?

There are 5 aspects of holistic health, these are Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Mental.

Do Healing Therapies Work?

Many people swear by healing therapies and alternative methods of mental wellbeing.

What Is Natural Healing?

Natural healing promotes natural, non-invasive healing techniques & remedies that work to support & heal.


This ancient Chinese approach uses needles to trigger specific pressure points on the body to influence the physiological body in turn benefitting the mind. Acupuncture can treat a variety of psychological problems such as headaches, but is also very commonly sought after when treating abnormalities of the mind. Many sufferers of poor mental health, including anxiety and depression have claimed that this holistic healing therapy has helped them significantly.

Crystal healing

This natural healing therapy claims to use the energy within crystals to positively affect the mind and body. By using the power of crystals many people have been able to gain mental clarity and have a direct focus of energy.This energy based therapy is grounded in the belief of human’s energy composition. It explains that when energy is ‘unbalanced’ or ‘blocked’, illness may prevail as a result. Crystal therapy aims to ‘balance’ and ‘unblock’ these energies to gently heal the body and mind.

Each crystal is composed of different properties and therefore types of healing energy. Simply being close to these types of crystals is thought to begin to balance your physical, spiritual and emotional level. This method is known to help treat the mental aspects of anxiety and stress whilst also treating the physical symptoms such as pain and sleeping troubles. Overall, crystal healing therapies encourage mental clarity and a sense of peace and balance.


Put simply, mindfulness is the act of being engaged solely with the present moment. This healing therapy leaves you free of judgement and distraction to ensure you’re aware of your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is sometimes described as meditation for daily living. 

This practice allows us to continuously be grounded in the present moment. This helps your mental wellbeing as you are aware of thoughts and emotions that arise during this therapy. This means you can have more clarity on challenging situations and be more thoughtful in your responses.

This healing therapy can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Simply be feeling the present moment with each of your senses. However, many people tend to confuse mindfulness with meditation. Whereas mindfulness is a lifestyle that is followed each and every day, mediation is a temporary state of mind.


In a similar sector of healing therapies to mindfulness, mediation is a skill based therapy that is most effective when practiced daily. Mediation is the practice of focusing your mind on a particular thought, object or awareness as to practice attentional focus.

This key to meditation is not putting too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. When using this healing therapy it is typical that your mind will wander or your breathing becomes irregular. Consistently meditating is the important part! Consider meditations as a healing therapy that provides a journey of awareness rather than an end goal.

Relaxation is often a by-product of meditation. Harvard Medical School defined this as the ‘relaxation response’ in the 1970’s, as there is a reduction in sympathetic nervous system activity causing an involuntary relaxation. In the last 50 years, both physical and mental benefits of meditation have been documented. The main benefits include: less stress, increased relaxation and an increased sense of wellbeing.

Do healing therapies work?

With a range of holistic therapies available it can be difficult to know which therapy to turn to first. Since different healing therapies work for different people, it’s hard to predict the usefulness or effectiveness of specific methods.

Whilst only some scientific evidence is available on the validity of the healing therapies discussed on this page, many modern studies are taking place right now. Testing such therapies in modern day life will provide a more credible guide as to their credibility. Many people swear by healing therapies and alternative methods of mental wellbeing.

Healing Therapy


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Healing Therapy

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Healing Therapy

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