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Mental Wellbeing - Corporate Wellbeing

Developing a health and fitness routine can be hard work especially when people have several other commitments, work being one of them.

Corporate Wellbeing

Developing a health and fitness routine can be hard work especially when people have several other commitments, work being one of them. The majority of people spend a considerate amount of time at their workplace so surely it makes sense to have wellness programs in place. Not only does this benefit employees’ health but also boosts productivity of team members. 

What exactly is employee wellbeing?

Employee wellness is ensuring all employees are being looked after in the workplace, this can be in the form of a wellness programme to promote their health. This could include encouraging employees to make healthy food choices or having flexible working options. These programmes are becoming increasingly important in a workplace, this is due to intervention from the government and an increased awareness around mental health. 

Along with physical health, emotional, mental and financial wellbeing are all important and these can be greatly impacted at work. When workplaces take into consideration all of these elements, an engaging company culture can be optimised which retains employees. 

Why is this a high priority?

With effective wellness programmes put in place, employees are less likely to be absent from work this is because;

  • Employees will be less stressed
  • Employees are healthier
  • Employees will have healthier blood pressure levels, glucose and cholesterol
  • Employees weight is better controlled and are less likely to be obese

In industries such as healthcare, hospitality and retail more employees tend to be absent and move jobs due to poor engagement. No matter what size business you are in, a wellness programme is highly recommended for retaining talented employees and creating a quality work environment. Continue reading to discover ways corporate wellness is promoted.

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Mental Wellbeing – Corporate Wellbeing

         Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing FAQs

What Is The Meaning Of Corporate Wellbeing?

Corporate wellbeing is ensuring all employees are looked after in the workplace. 

Why is wellness so important?

When people are in optimal health they will perform better at work and in day to day activites. 

What are examples of corporate wellbeing?

An on-site gym, lunch and snacks being provided, employee assistance programmes and wellness challenges. 

What are the benefits of corporate wellbeing?

Taking care of employees is a great way of recruiting and retaining employees. 

What are five ways to wellbeing?

Be Active, take notice, Keep Learning, Give and connect.

Examples of corporate wellness programmes

Smoking programs

On average, it is known that smokers compared to non-smokers cost their employees a lot more money because of health issues. Some companies have discovered that by offering smoking cessation programmes it can benefit their employees as well as the company, economically and ethically. Programmes could consist of pharmaceutical assistance or lifestyle coaching. 

Wellness adventures

Physical activity and nutrition are so important for everyone’s health. Scheduling optional wellness adventures is a great way to get people to be active and bond with each other. There are so many different wellness activities that can be done with large or small groups of people such as; laser tag, golf or an adventure trail. This will appeal to a wide range of people and really keep them engaged in the business. 

On site gyms/fitness centres

This one may apply more to larger corporate companies as not all businesses have the space or funding to supply their employees with an on site fitness centre. However, for the companies that can, this can be a highly beneficial way to recruit and retain employees. There are so many advantages of this including; boosts productivity at work, lower healthcare costs, helps increase brain power and improves satisfaction. 

Yoga classes

Have you ever done a yoga class and felt instantly de-stressed from it? Well, some businesses actually offer on site yoga classes for their employees. Yoga is a fantastic way to incorporate self-care in the workplace and relieve stress at busy times. 

Paramedical services

Some businesses offer paramedical services such as massage therapy to their employees. What a perk! This highlights how a business may go the extra mile to help reduce stress in the workplace and boost employee morale.

Employee assistance programmes

Your health both physically and mentally should be taken care of. If employees are struggling outside of the workplace, this can reflect on their work. By supporting people through any issues such as anxiety, stress or depression it creates a balanced environment. Supporting employees both inside and outside of work can generate great satisfaction.  


Have you ever been at work and felt like you were about to fall asleep or fancied a nap? Some companies actually allow this! Whether this is considered professional or not, there’s no doubt that a good nap can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to be more productive.

 Transit options

Offering incentives for employees to think more economically about their transportation choices, is a great way to get people to be more considerate about the environment. This could include a cycle to work scheme or public transport incentives. 

Wellness challenges

Health and fitness challenges in the workplace are a great way to get everyone involved and promote a healthy lifestyle. Challenges don’t have to be intense; they could simply be tracking the amount of water employees drink each day or how many steps they take. This is a great way to get everyone involved with fitness and socially. 

Healthy snacks and lunch

Often at lunch time, employees will just grab whatever they can and often this will be fast food. With usually just 30 minutes for a lunch break, employees don’t have the time or energy to make/buy and eat a healthy substantial meal so sometimes may not even eat at all. However, if businesses provide lunch or snacks, employees can eat more nutritiously. This will be very appealing to employees as everyone gets hungry and it also helps to promote a healthy balanced diet. 

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