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When you begin practicing yoga, it can be difficult to understand what you actually need to get started.

Yoga Equipment

When you begin practicing yoga, it can be difficult to understand what you actually need to get started. The yoga market continues to grow and you may feel like you need all sorts of equipment and clothing before you’ve even stepped into a studio. 

However, you don’t need much to begin. Having said that and if you are wanting to purchase items, below are some useful items.  

Yoga Mat

Within gyms, yoga studios and at home it is much more comfortable having a yoga mat than just being on the floor. The mat ensures you have your own space to work with and makes sure your feet and hands don’t slip on the floor. 

When practicing yoga at a gym or studio, the majority of them provide mats for you to borrow. So if you are not wanting to purchase a mat straight away you can use those however, the downfall with this is that a lot of people have used them and they may not get cleaned as often as you’d like. Therefore, having your own may be the best option if you know you will be practicing yoga often. 

The cost will vary depending on the type of mat you get and the features that you want it to have such as; traction, comfort, durability, material, thickness and length.

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Exercise – Sports – Yoga – Equipment

         Yoga Equipment

Yoga Equipment FAQs

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Why is yoga beneficial?

Making yoga part of your gym routine gets you moving and burns calories. Not to mention, the holistic and spiritual aspects of practice may encourage you to review your lifestyle and eating habits more holistically.

Why is yoga beneficial from a mental perspective?

Unlike traditional exercises that may form part of your usual gym routine, it is characterised by its spiritual connotations which can be particularly beneficial for those with anxiety as it teaches you breathing exercises and helps you enter a calmer and more relaxed state.

What essential yoga equipment do I need?

Usually yoga studios or gyms provide equipment however, if you are practicing at home you will need a yoga mat.

What non-essential yoga equipment may I need?




Mat bags



Other optional equipment

Yoga props allow yogis to have the healthiest form in a vast range of poses when the body opens up, twists and bends. Also they help you to get more out of every pose whilst avoiding injury. You should get familiar with the below props, they are mostly provided at gyms and studios but you may consider them if you are practicing yoga at home.

Slings or mat bags

If you have a yoga mat and practice at a studio, it may be beneficial to get a sling or mat bag to make it easier to carry around. This accessory ensures your mat does not unroll when you are carrying it, the brand and style is completely dependent on personal preference. 


Often yoga studios have plenty of blankets available that people can use. These blankets are used, offering support in lying down poses or to lift up the hips when in a seated position. For example, when sitting cross legged you could put a blanket underneath you to raise your hips. Blankets are very useful and can even help to warm you up in the relaxation part at the end. 

If you are practicing yoga at home you will probably already have blankets so won’t have to purchase those. 


Blocks for yoga are there to increase comfort and your alignment. They are beneficial when in a standing position with your hands on the floor. This effectively raises the floor instead of forcing your hands to the floor and keeps your torso strong and chest open. 

Yoga blogs are often cork, wood or foam and you can turn them so that they are at different heights. If you plan on doing plenty of yoga in your house it may be worth getting some blocks. Any block will do however, the wider ones offer more stability. 


These are also known as belts and are very useful when a pose requires you to reach your feet but you can’t. It helps you increase your flexibility and progress until you can reach on your own without a band. 


These have many uses and can be used instead of blankets to make poses slightly more comfortable. They can be put under your back or knees for stretching and support. They are especially useful in prenatal and restorative yoga classes. 

At a class these will be provided, if you do this at home you may want to invest in one. Bolsters can be flat or round. Flat bolsters are more ergonomic and round bolsters offer more of a deep stretch and support. You can use both of these then decide which you prefer. 


These are a new prop in yoga and are often used during more advanced classes to challenge people in their stability and offer support in challenging poses. You are able to lie on the wheel, place a hand or foot on the wheel to enhance flexibility and stretches. This piece of equipment is not necessary when you are a beginner, but as you become more advanced you may want to try this out.

Now you are aware of the equipment needed in yoga, are ready to start practicing? Why not take a look at our yoga clothes page to see what is best to wear during a class or whilst doing the activity at home.


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