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So, you have decided to start weightlifting as a sport or for strength exercise, either way you need to buy some weight lifting clothing and kit. But, are you unsure on where to start?

Weight Lifting Clothing

So, you have decided to start weightlifting as a sport or for strength exercise, either way you need to buy some weight lifting clothing and kit. But, are you unsure on where to start? To make this process slightly easier, we have listed the main types of weight lifting clothing and their features as a guideline to help you start weightlifting effectively. 

Everyday Items


Around 30 minutes before you begin weightlifting it can be beneficial to take some pre-workout, this can set you up for training and give you a boost of energy. It contains caffeine to reduce feelings of tiredness and helps you perform at a high standard. It’s a dietary supplement that many weightlifters use. It boosts endurance and focus throughout a workout. Pre workout is a powder that you add to water and comes in many flavours. 

PT shorts

These types of shorts are comfortable and made from breathable, stretchy and comfy material. They are a suitable length for weightlifting as they are not as long as basketball shorts, so do not get in the way and allow for a fantastic workout. 

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    Weight lifting clothing

Weight lifting clothing FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Weightlifting?

There are so many benefits of weightlifting including; improved posture, increased bone density, better sleep, weight loss, lowering inflammation and boosting metabolism.

What Is Weightlifting Good For?

Weight lifting has a range of benefits including improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism and a large list of positives.

What Are The Main Types Of Clothing Needed For Weightlifting?

There are several types of clothing and equiptment needed for weightlifting. Say you have a gym membership, the clothing you will need is tube socks, a t-shirt or vest, knee sleeves and wrist wraps. 

Does Lifting Weights Burn Belly Fat?

There is a suggestion that strength training is better at helping people lose belly fat compared with cardio because weight lifting burns almost exclusively fat.

Are Expensive Workout Clothes Worth It?

No expensive workout clothing will improve your workout quality by itself. Wearing expensive workout clothing may just make you feel good about yourself and look the part.  

A t-shirt or vest

You won’t want to get too hot during your workout so any breathable top will be suitable. This could be a sports vest, simple t-shirt or breathable sports top with long or short sleeves. 

Tube socks

These are socks that come above the ankle. They are suitable because they help to protect your shins from the bar scraping your legs whilst deadlifting. 

Knee sleeves 

Knee sleeves are a great piece of kit used to provide warmth and support to knees during different exercises, such as heavy squats. They shouldn’t be too tight so that it reduces blood circulation, but tight enough so that they stay in place. Knee sleeves should feel comfortable when wearing them and be of an adequate thickness. 

Wrist wraps

These help to ensure your wrists stay in a neutral straight position whilst performing exercises such as, bench presses or shoulder presses. They can even be used for squatting with a bar to make sure your wrists don’t bend from the weight of the bar.  The main purpose of wrist wraps is to give support to wrist joints during heavy effort lifts. However, you should not use wrist wraps during your warm up, as becoming dependent on them will reduce strength development of your wrist extensors and flexors. Ensure you are using the correct type of wrap, the thin cotton types are more flexible and thicker velcro wraps provide extra wrist support. You also shouldn’t use wraps to disguise flexibility and mobility issues. 

Weightlifting belt

These types of belts can help you tighten your core muscles which can make lifts more efficient. They usually are the same width around the whole circumference of the waist. They are made from leather with a buckle, so will stay fastened whilst lifting. Several companies sell high quality belts. 

Weightlifting shoes

There are several reasons why weightlifting shoes can benefit your workout including; they have incompressible soles so you contain all of the force during squats, deadlifts and presses. If the sole is too cushioned, there may be less power in your lift. They have a small elevated heel, which moves your knees forward slightly allowing your quads to be targeted more, making the lift even more effective. Lifting shoes also have a strap for metatarsals, this increases stability and keeps your feet in the same place in your shoes whilst lifting. These shoes can be used for several lifting exercises such as, squatting, bench and press as well as others. 

Other items

Hammy bands

These offer ideal compression to weightlifters to help them work through minor lower tears or pulls. Hammy bands are placed at the top of the thigh and support the muscle in the right place, helping to increase function and stability. The compression also helps to reduce discomfort whilst squatting. 

Elbow cuff

Elbow cuffs protect and support the elbow. They are perfect for people who suffer from joint pain such as tendonitis. They offer light support and are great in helping out movements like bench press. 

Lifting straps

As you begin to lift heavier weights especially in deadlifts, it can be beneficial to use lifting straps. You will only really need to use it when lifting heavy though as it will assist you in performing a sufficient lift without worrying about your grip. If you take weight lifting seriously and participate in competitions, you should be mindful that you can only wear lifting straps during training, to help your grip, but not in competitions. Straps can come in several types of material including; leather and cotton. You may not need a strap if you are a beginner at lifting as you should not push yourself too quickly to lift a weight that you are not comfortable with. 

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