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Toning programmes are guides, workouts and classes that you can follow to improve your fitness level, lose weight and tone up.

Toning Programmes

What are toning programmes?

Toning programmes are guides, workouts and classes that you can follow to improve your fitness level, lose weight and tone up. Are you wanting to become more active then why not follow a training programme? There are so many fantastic ones that can help you along your fitness journey. 

Which toning programmes are some of our favourite?

There are so many great programmes however, the following ones are some of our favourites, so continue reading to discover new ways in which you can tone up. 


Aaptiv is one of the top video and audio based fitness apps around. It is quickly growing in popularity due to their musical inspiration and audio instructions that let members move freely, enjoy their surroundings and focus on their form. It’s time to stop staring at your screens and look beyond them. 

Aaptiv believes that everyone should have a personalised fitness guide, not just people who have the funds to pay for a personal trainer. They don’t focus on the so-called beach bodies with thigh gaps and six packs. They focus on making their members feel healthier and more confident within themselves. This app makes individuals enjoy working their bodies again, help them become satisfied with working out, beat their personal bests and reap the fitness benefits.

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Exercise – Sports – Weight Lifting – Toning Programmes

    Toning Programmes

Toning Programmes FAQs

What Is A Toning Programme?

Toning programmes are guides, workouts and classes that you can follow to improve your fitness level, lose weight and tone up.

What Is A Good Toning Programme?
  • Aaptiv
  • Fiit
  • Beachbody
  • My Celeb PT
I am a beginner at fitness, can I use a toning programme?

Yes, many toning programmes can be adapated depending on your fitness level.

Does Lifting Weights Burn Belly Fat?

There is a suggestion that strength training is better at helping people lose belly fat compared with cardio because weight lifting burns almost exclusively fat.

Can I do toning exercises everyday?

Even though you can do toning exercises everyday and you will see results from this, its also important to take rest days.

They embrace all fitness paths including; an evening meditation, after school gym class, a yoga session or morning run. Other workouts include;

  • Cycling
  • Treadmill
  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Stair climber

Their vision is so simple, they want to help and improve people’s lives through fitness. They combine effective training, uplifting music and empathetic trainers which delivers a fun, personalised and convenient way for members to exercise. With the app membership you will receive;

  • Access to an inspiring and supportive community group
  • New classes each week
  • Structured programmes
  • Unlimited access to guided workouts


In your own home you can experience incredible fitness training. This brand has helped many people get into the best shape they’ve ever been in. Workouts can be adjusted depending on your fitness level so no matter whether you’ve just started working out or an avid gym goer then there is something here for everyone. The majority of workouts last around 30 minutes so you have more opportunity to fit a workout in around your busy schedule. Trainers are there to motivate you and help you get your beach body. Programmes include;

  • Morning workout: a high intensity workout to get lean
  • Country workout: a fun dance class to burn calories
  • lift : a 4 day challenge
  • Pyo: a mixture of pilates and yoga
  • Maximum workout: a 30 minutes high intensity class
  • Set 21 program: a simple programme with exercise, nutrition equaling fast results

My celeb PT

This virtual training app gives individuals the chance to workout with their favourite celebrities as their personal trainer. You can choose the programme that suits you and then be motivated by a coach to reach your fitness goals, as well as providing feedback. The app helps members reach optimal health both physically and mentally. All that you need to reach your goals is all in one handy place. What you get with celeb PT;

  • tailored workouts
  • nutrition plans with delicious recipes
  • guidance and 1-2-1 contact from celebrity trainers 
  • community of other members motivating each other
  • support

Whether you are wanting to work out in the gym, at home, gain muscle or lose weight, there is a workout to suit everyone. It’s a great app for people on the move as it’s super easy and quick to follow. Another important part of toning up is having the motivation to do it but, don’t worry the instructors here have got you sorted. They are extremely motivating and push you to try your best. 

Workout at whatever time you want, wherever you want, even from the comfort of your home with their tailored workouts. Imagine getting to speak directly to your favourite celebrity trainer, well now you can. They are there to coach you throughout your entire fitness journey and help give you a confidence boost. On the app you can track your progress and get results.


Are you ready to get fit? This programme is specially designed so help you reach your maximum potential. You can choose a 2, 4, 6 or 10 week plan depending on your goals. Each week you will get classes that are personalised to you and you can even track your progress each time. Do you have a busy schedule? Don’t worry, as you can workout on fiit at whatever time suits you. You can even enjoy classes with friends and take part in the online community. There are so many styles of workouts to choose from too including; 

  • Mobility
  • Hiit
  • Strength
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Combat
  • Strength
  • Breath work
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