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Exercise - Running - Treadmill

One way to get your weekly exercise in, is on a treadmill. 

Treadmill Workouts

Why Should You Exercise?   

Exercise can drastically change your life. Along with your diet, it is the most important factor in your physical health and wellbeing. Whether it’s to shift those last few pounds, or to feel mentally good about yourself, the reason why you exercise is personal to you. One way to get your weekly exercise in, is on a treadmill. 

Types of Exercises You Can Do on a Treadmill 

Whether you’re a first timer or a regular runner, it’s likely you’re reading this because you are considering running on a treadmill. Contrary to popular belief, treadmills come with a range of benefits you just can’t achieve from running outside. Treadmill’s make exercise readily available whatever the weather (literally!), and allow you to customise your workout as you have full control over the pace, stride and incline.

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Exercise – Running – Treadmill

         Treadmill Home Workouts

Treadmill FAQs

What Is A Treadmill?

A treadmill is a piece of equipment typically used for walking, running or climbing while staying in the same place.

What Does A Treadmill Do For Your Body?

Treadmills allow you to create a time based workout and also give you complete control, enabling you to adjust the speed, incline & warm-up period.

Is It Worth Buying A Treadmill For Home?

A home treadmill can be an excellent investment, giving you the ability to exercise when you’re out of time, can’t get to the gym, or can’t get outside.

Does A Treadmill Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, treadmills are very good when it comes to burning belly fat. However, don’t just jump straight onto a treadmill and go for it, you need to warm up & increase your workouts gradually.

Is It OK To Use A Treadmill Everyday?

Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to get fit and lose weight. It’s fine to use one everyday. A good option is to aim for 30mins of exercise everyday. This can be on a treadmill of you choose.

Here are some other benefits of using a treadmill:

Preventing injury: running on pavements puts added pressure on your joints. Whereas a treadmill’s surface is padded to reduce the stress on your joints.

Workout variety: since treadmills have varying speeds, varying inclines and different modes, you can mix up your workout.

Workout customisation: treadmills can create workouts based on your individual goals, needs, time constraints and energy expenditure. Maintaining consistency and running precise distances is much easier on a treadmill.

Running analytics: we’re all a fan of checking the stats after a run but with a treadmill you can do this during your workout and to a much greater degree as you have an inbuilt consistent heart rate monitor!

Running whatever the weather: whilst the weather is cold, windy and icy, it’s unlikely your motivation to run will be at its peak, not forgetting the fact it’s dangerous. A treadmill eliminates these mental blocks and physical risks.

Keeping your mind active: treadmill running gives you the opportunity to keep yourself entertained and in turn pushing yourself further. Try reading a book, watching TV or listening to music.


What Are The Other Benefits of a Treadmill? 

Whilst there are many benefits of running or jogging, there are also a range of other exercises you can do on a treadmill. Whilst toning exercises such as lunges are typically considered workouts for the gym floor, another layer of fitness is completing these whilst moving. Exercises such as:

Walking lunges: this means you won’t get interrupted by obstacles on the mat, meaning you can work out more efficiently.

Side shuffles: doing this exercise on a treadmill means toning your calves, working your thighs and doing cardio, all wrapped into one!

Walking plank: don’t see the word plank here as a red flag, this exercise works your shoulders and your core like nothing else! 

Treadmill push: by pushing the belt of a treadmill when it’s turned off you’re working out the whole of your lower body.

Incline push ups: by doing push ups on an atypical surface you work out the muscles harder. An added bonus is that you will never have to look for a free bench again. 


Having a Treadmill at Home or at the Gym 

Purchasing a treadmill for a ‘home gym’ can be an extremely worthwhile investment. This prevents the excuses when winter months present themselves or when your motivation is at a low. However, exercising with a treadmill at home is quite different to being at the gym, therefore we have put together a small guide on the best equipment for your budget. 


Buying a Treadmill 

Purchasing a treadmill is an investment, and with any investment the more money you spend the greater the return. When purchasing a cheaper machine, there will be fewer features which would be acceptable for someone wanting to get there steps in. But for those of you who are committed runners it will be worth investing in a more technical machine with more features. Here’s what you can expect for your budget:

  • £400-£800, beginner: budget friendly options are available for those looking to up their step count. These will likely come with walking and jogging functionalities and the option to adjust the incline.
  • £800-£1500, intermediate: more suited to a regular runner, these types of treadmills are worth the extra money if they will be used regularly. This will also allow ease of setting changes and HIIT workouts.
  • £1500+, advanced: a machine with high durability and frequent use will cost you upwards of £1500. More advanced treadmills will have high speed functionalities which means your training will not be hindered no matter how far or fast your progress.


It’s important to note how many people will be using the treadmill. Consistent use is something that a beginner or even intermediate piece of equipment is unlikely to be able to withstand. Think about how much this machine will realistically be used, and the features you require from your workout.


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