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Who says you can’t buy happiness? I’m sure that a road bike is very close.

Road Biking

Who says you can’t buy happiness? I’m sure that a road bike is very close. This is a fantastic workout and something that can be done at all fitness levels. This could be a quick cardio workout or a slower, scenic ride. Road biking doubles as sport and transportation and what’s more is its environmentally friendly. 

What bike should I choose? 

Road bikes typically are fast and light and are made to be used on paved road surfaces. Often they usually have drop-bar handlebars  and skinny wheels. The majority of these bikes are created from carbon fibre, titanium, aluminum or  steel.

When purchasing a bike, ensure that it fits correctly. Bikes will be sold in different frame sizes which, at the most basic level, will fit to your inseam length and height. When straddling your road bike, you will want around one inch distance between the top tube and your body.

There are many other considerations that may affect your bike choice including the way you plan on riding it; commuting, competitively, recreationally. As well as your budget, this may inform the components quality of the bike.

How should you ride your Road Bike

 Pedaling efficiency: rather than just pushing downwards on your pedal and up on the next upstroke, instead you should pull up your foot through the bottom of the next stroke to get a better motion. 

Cycling cadence: when you’re on your ride and the terrain changes, you will have to shift your gears so that you can keep a balanced cadence. In most conditions, usually the most effective way to pedal is around 80-100 revolutions a minute. When turning the pedals faster or at a slower cadence, this may fatigue you quickly. If it’s difficult to keep at the same cadence, your gear may be too high so then you can just move to a slightly lower gear that suits. This also applies to when pedalling too quickly or not meeting any resistance, this can be the time to move the gear higher. 

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Exercise – Sports – Cardio – Road Biking

         Road Biking


What Is Road Biking?

Road bikes typically are fast and light and are made to be used on paved road surfaces.

What are bike etiquette and rules?
  • never ride against traffic
  • ride in single file
Where should you look when riding?

Focus your eyes 20–30 feet in front of you, so that you can expect any obstacles and turns in your way.

What bike should I choose?

When purchasing a bike, ensure that it fits correctly

Does road biking help you lose weight?

Cycling is an aerobic exercise which can help you lose weight.

Shifting gears on road bikes

On a standard bike usually there are five leading parts that allow you to shift gears as well as change how simple it can be to pedal on your bike. These include the following;

  • Shifters
  • Derailleurs
  • Chain
  • Rear cassette
  • Front chainrings

Left shifters will have control of the front chainrings and the shifters on the right will control the back cassette. Left shifters can result in large jumps in the pedals resistance, using the right shifter can tune the level of resistance. Preferably, you will want some resistance however, not too much so that it can be hard to pedal effectively.

Only when you are pedalling should you shift gear and only one at a time, if not this may drop your chain off the cassette or jam your chain. Also try not to cross chain, this is where your gear choice is too extreme on the rear cassette and front cogs at one time, this can break the chain.  

In addition, attempt to foresee the shift and terrain before you are needing to. When approaching a stop, shift down a gear so it’s then easier to get up and started again. 

Braking techniques

Usually, the front brake will be run by the left brake, the back brake will be run by the right brake. If you are a beginner, it is best to start by using both brakes at once.

Where you should look when you are riding

Focus your eyes 20–30 feet in front of you, so that you can expect any obstacles and turns in your way. Do not look down towards the front wheel, look in front where you are wanting to go. Avoid looking at obstacles that you are wanting to avoid as this may make you head that way. 

Turning on the road bike

When preparing to turn, firstly brake and then slow down your speed prior to starting the turn. Aim for the outer corner of each turn then you can lean on the bike going into the turn by slightly pushing on the handlebars and pedal. Using this will help you to move through each turn more simply.

Road bike etiquette and rules

Just the same as running or walking , never ride against the traffic.  Ensure you move along with the traffic and avoid any hazards such as; curbs, potholes and car doors. If you are riding with friends, ride in a single file line rather than side by side. Always use clear hand signals that will let others know of your actions. 


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