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Exercise should be a non negotiable aspect of your week, it is an important habit which is crucial to staying healthy.

Exercise Bikes

Why Should You Exercise?   

Exercise should be a non negotiable aspect of your week, it is an important habit which is crucial to staying healthy. There are several reasons why exercise is important, and everyone’s reasons are personal to them. So whether you want to achieve your weight loss goals, or reach that euphoric feeling at the end of a workout, it’s whatever motivates you the most. An effective way to exercise is on an exercise bike.

Types of Exercises You Can Do on an Exercise Bike 

A stationary exercise bike can be a beneficial addition to your workout routine. It is a great way to burn unwanted fat and calories, whilst also benefiting your health in strengthening your muscles, lungs and cardiovascular system. In addition to the calorie blitz and rapid weight loss an exercise bike can provide, there are also a range of other benefits that come with using this equipment whilst exercising.

Exercise – Sports – Exercise Bikes

         Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike FAQs

Why should you exercise?

There is an endless list of reasons why you should exercise! Whether you simply want to enjoy the positive feeling that a successful workout can give or you are overweight or obese and are trying to achieve a healthier weight.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Regular exercise can help with weight loss, boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and can have many benefits on your emotional health too.

What Is An Exercise Bike Good For?

A stationary exercise bike is a great way to give yourself a good cardio workout without putting too much staring on your body & joints.

How Long Should I Use An Exercise Bike For?

The exercise bike takes longer to achieve the same fitness results as say a treadmill or cross trainer. A good level of use to aim for would be about 150 minutes per week, trying to maintain consistent use over a few months.

Can An Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

The exercise bike is an excellent indoor cycling option for boring calories. Whilst not as effective as a treadmill or cross trainer, you can burn 600 calories or more per hour depending on intensity.

Unlike other types of cardio equipment, there is less pressure and stress put on your joints, like from a treadmill for example. But in the same breath, this machine provides a great aerobic workout. 

An exercise bike is particularly beneficial to your lower body and legs, it builds strength in the muscles and is most effective when on a higher resistance setting. This strengthens your quads, calves and hamstrings specifically, while targeting your glutes and core as secondary muscle groups.

The real beauty of an exercise bike is that, whilst you’re getting this fantastic lower body cardio workout, your arms are free to work out your upper body as well!

What Are The Other Benefits of an Exercise Bike? 

Working out your upper body with dumbbells, resistance bands or a medicine ball whilst cycling with your lower body is a great time saving exercise for efficiency and results! This combination of exercises next your workout to the next level…

Workout your upper body with dumbbells: 

  • Bicep curls: This works by having a dumbbell to hand at each side, then curling the weight of your choice up from your elbows to your shoulders.
  • Skull crushers: Have a weighted dumbbell in each hand above your head and bend your elbow so the weight drops behind your head then lift it back up.
  • Shoulder presses: With a dumbbell in each hand, your arms should be out to the side and elbows bend upwards at 90 degrees, then the weight should be lifted above your head.
  • Shoulder raises: This exercise involves each dumbbell being by your sides, and lifted upwards creating a T shape, the lowered back to the start.


Upper body workouts to do with resistance bands:

  • Rowing: Pulling an exercise band (that is looped over the front of your exercise bike) with your whole body focusing on the movement of your shoulders.
  • Back flies: An upper back challenge that consists of taking each end of the resistance band in each hand and pulling across the body to form a T shape.


Exercises to workout with a medicine ball:

  • Ab twists: Whilst holding the medicine ball in both hands, twisting the weight of your body and the ball to either side as far as you can reach whilst keeping your core tight.


Having an Exercise Bike at Home or at the Gym 

A worthwhile investment for home gym equipment is an exercise bike. By having the machine at home, this allows you to avoid trips to the gym when you’re not in the mood as well as embarrassing moments! The gym equipment is there in a different room of the house all set up for you. However, each exercise bike comes with different specifications, we have listed the most common types to make it easier for you.

Buying an Exercise Bike 

Firstly when deciding whether to by a stationary exercise bike or not it’s important to consider your options:

An upright bike. This is arguably the most common type of exercise bike. It’s popularity stems from its similarity to a normal bicycle. 

  • Benefit: depending on preference, you are able to ride this standing up or sitting down. 
  • Drawback: the positioning of the bike sometimes adds pressure to your hands and wrists and the seat is often described as uncomfortable.

Recumbent bike. This has a larger sit fitted to a reclined position further back from the pedals in a comfortable position.

  • Benefit: the comfortable pedalling position places less impact on your joints, which are fully supported during the workout. This means fewer sore muscles and less fatigue.
  • Drawback: since the position is comfortable and supported, workouts are not as high intensity as some would like

Dual-action bike. Unlike a typical bicycle, this machine had handlebars which move to help target your upper body. So if you prefer a combined workout rather than reaching for the upper body weights, this one could be for you!


Whatever the weather, you can always get your sweat on with an at home exercise bike. Whether it’s for cardio, muscle strength, fat burning or weight loss, this piece of gym equipment is an all round delight!


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