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The most essential cycling equipment can be durable and affordable

Cycling Equipment

When it comes to cycling equipment, within your standard bike shop there is such a vast amount of products available such as helmets, gloves and racks, which can be overwhelming. What’s a turbo trainer? Are you needing a CamelBak? Realistically, you may not need such advanced equipment.

Many people will ride their bikes in normal day to day clothes with only a backpack to carry their items. However, if you are a competitive bike rider or ride in conditions which are not flat or dry. Some pieces of equipment can make your bike ride more comfortable, safer or easier or even just useful to own.  

Cycling can often be a sport which can be intimidating to get started with, particularly when you are uncertain about walking into a cycling shop full of different equipment. When getting started you really don’t need a huge amount of equipment. So don’t let kitted out cyclists put you off with all their whistles and bells. The most essential cycling equipment can be durable and affordable such as:

A helmet – after a bike of course the next most important bit of equipment you should acquire is a helmet. Always wear a helmet when you are on your bike whether this be for a short five minute ride to the shops or you are going on a long weekend bike ride. Without a doubt wearing a suitable helmet can definitely save your life, make sure you get a properly fitted one. For the record, unless you’re a professional you don’t need to be tempted in getting an aero helmet, you simply just do not need one. 

Exercise – Sports – Cycling Equipment

       Cycling Equipment

Cycling Equipment FAQs

Why should you exercise?

There is an endless list of reasons why you should exercise! Whether you simply want to enjoy the positive feeling that a successful workout can give or you are overweight or obese and are trying to achieve a healthier weight.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Regular exercise can help with weight loss, boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and can have many benefits on your emotional health too.

Is Cycling Good For Weight Loss?

Cycling is an effective form of cardio exercise. It can help you burn fat, calories, and lose weight.

Is 30 Minutes Of Cycling A Day Enough?

If your goal is to lose weight, then cycling is great way to start your fitness journey. 30mins a day will contribute to weight loss & an overall improvement in fitness.

Can An Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

The exercise bike is an excellent indoor cycling option for boring calories. Whilst not as effective as a treadmill or cross trainer, you can burn 600 calories or more per hour depending on intensity.

Core accessories – when you are just starting out, you may not necessarily need these items but they definitely can make your bike rides more enjoyable. 

  • Bike lock –  A bike lock will probably be a necessity unless you are only riding near your house without stopping at the shops or for a drink. The functionality of the lock is more important rather than the actual size of the lock. Within the cycling market there is a huge array of locks that you can buy, so ensure to purchase one that puts your mind at ease when leaving your bike. 

  • Cycling clothing – getting kitted out in all lycra for your first bike ride is not really needed but a few pieces of cycling clothing can make your experience more comfortable. When the weather gets cold and rainy, having a jacket which is waterproof can help keep you warm and dry. Secondly, some decent cycling shorts in a suitable material, these may feel weird to begin with but they will ensure you feel more powerful, in control and comfortable whilst riding a bike. Wearing a pair of cycling shorts also allows you to ride your bike for a longer amount of time reducing the saddle sore risk discomfort risk. You do not necessarily need to purchase these if you are a beginner cyclist but some cyclists state that cycling shoes and clipless pedals are the way to go for efficient riding. Although they can help power transfer and cycling improvements. The thought of being strapped to a bike can seem a bit intimidating for cyclist beginners, so it’s important to work at your own pace and only choose this option when you are ready and confident in your ability. 


  • Tools, spares, pumps – Whenever you get a flat tyre you probably won’t want to stop your ride and go to a repair shop. To effectively fix your bike, you’ll need to have the knowledge and the tools to do this. Spare tubes, multi tools and a decent tyre pump can be beneficial to have when you are out on a bike ride.

  • A water bottle – It’s important to stay hydrated whilst out on a bike, this will benefit your performance and overall health. So whenever you go out on your bike, always make sure you have water on you, this could be in the form of a cage system and water bottle or hydration pack.

  • Saddle bag – You don’t want to be stuck on the road looking for help without the right supplies and tools. You more so need the correct supplies and tools to get your bike running again rather than having a particular tool for every possible issue. Therefore, a saddle bag can be useful to carry all of your essentials in for a smooth bike ride. 

  • Cycling cap – This is both for functionality and style. A cycling cap will keep the rain and sun off your face. In cold weather it’ll also keep you warmer. If you’re worried about helmet hair a cycling cap is a quick lightweight fix for this.

  • Cycling glasses – You may own sunglasses that you wear on a bright sunny day to protect your eyes from the sun, but cycling glasses whilst on your bike can do much more than that. Whilst cycling, glasses can prevent eye irritation by breaking the wind. They are also fantastic for keeping debris, rain and bugs from hitting your eyeball which as you may or may not know is not a nice experience. A change of weather does not mean you need to change your glasses as a lot of cycling glasses come with lenses that are interchangeable.


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