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Being physically fit is a lifestyle of many individuals, which can change your life for the better.

Rowing Machine

Why should you exercise?   

Being physically fit is a lifestyle of many individuals, which can change your life for the better. In combination with a healthy diet, your physical health can be drastically improved by participating in exercise on a regular basis. Whatever the reason you choose to exercise, it will have a positive impact on your life. One way to get your cardiovascular fix is on a rowing machine.  

The benefits of a rowing machine

The main benefit of a rowing machine is completing a high intensity exercise without a large impact. This decreases your risk of injury. The added strength and cardio benefits make exercising on a rowing machine part of the perfect fitness regime on it’s own or in conjunction with other high or low impact equipment.

Aside from the fitness improvements, a rowing machine is a great way to lose weight or tone muscles. But above all, a rowing machine gets your heart beating and lungs working allowing you to indulge in a high intensity, low impact workout.

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Exercise – Sports – Cardio – Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine FAQs

What Is A Rowing Machine?

A Rowing Machine or indoor rower, is a piece of equipment used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for exercise or training.

What Does A Rowing Machine Do For Your Body?

Rowing machines provide a good upper-body workout. Rowers exercise the rhomboids, trapezii and lats. The benefits of a stronger back and shoulders include improved posture as well as a reduction in back pain.

Can You Lose Belly Fat On A Rowing Machine?

Rowing can be a very effective component of a fat-loss program that will, with a bit of time, slim you down everywhere including your belly.

Is A Rowing Machine Worth It?

Rowing machines are great pieces of cardio equipment and are more than worth the investment to include them in any home gym.

How Long Should You Row On A Rowing Machine?

This all depends on what you are wanting to achieve. People who use a rowing machine 90 minutes a day will become lean and very “cut”. Although you must not push yourself when starting out with this equipment.

Types of exercises you can do on a rowing machine 

When using this type of equipment you can easily fall into the trap of thinking this is solely an upper-body workout, however this is completely untrue. Using a rowing machine to exercise provides a full body workout tailored to your goals!

A rowing machine workout that is popular here at Wellbeing 365 is based on a series of 250m intervals following this pattern:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes at a comfortable pace
  • Row for 250 meters
  • Rest for 1-minute

This workout is based on a 1:1 ratio, meaning the 250m row should be achieved in less than a minute, then when repeated for 10 rounds, makes the exercise 25 minutes in total.

Having a rowing machine at home or at the gym  

Feeling the full benefits of a rowing machine don’t have to include a pricey gym membership. The same benefits can be achieved from the comfort of your own home with a budget rowing machine.

Buying a rowing machine  

Whether you want to take up rowing for it’s toning benefits or you’re a dedicated rower, there are a few considerations when purchasing a rowing machine. 

  1. Finding somewhere to keep your new equipment. Where will your new rowing machine go in your house?
  2. Understanding how much you will use the equipment and its main purpose. This will influence whether you require a commercial use or residential machine. 
  3. Making sure you know which resistance type will be suited to your workout. With the options of air, hydraulic-piston, magnetic or water, each style of rowing machine has its pros and cons, it’s important to know which are most suited to your needs.
  4. Have a look at the opinions of others around equipment you have your eye on. 
  5. Understand your budget and stick to it when purchasing your new rowing machine. 

Whilst there are a wide range of machines to choose from, there are also a wide range of price tags depending on the features discussed above. Rowing machines range from £100 to £3,000 so you really do get what you pay for in this scenario.

Typically a cheaper rowing machine will cost less than £300, whereas a mid-range piece of equipment will cost between £300-£600. Anything upwards of £600 would typically be of commercial standard.

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