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A cross trainer is an exercise machine which remains stationary and mimics running, walking or climbing.

Cross Trainer

Why Should You Exercise?   

Exercise is one of the main habits which you should participate in, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The list of reasons to exercise is endless, from wanting to enjoy that post-workout feeling of success to wanting to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, your reason to workout is personal to you. One popular way to exercise is with a cross trainer.

Types of Exercises You Can Do? 

A cross trainer is an exercise machine which remains stationary that mimics running, walking or climbing with more involvement from the upper body and less pressure on your joints.

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Exercise – Sports – Cardio – Cross Trainer

         Cross Trainer


What Is A Cross Trainer?

A cross-trainer or elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to stair climb, walk, or run without causing excessive joint pressure. The low impact of the machine makes it a good option for people recovering from injuries.

Is a Cross Trainer For Weight Loss?

A cross trainer is a very effective piece of gym equipment to have a cardio workout for weight loss. During high intensity workouts you can burn a high number of calories.

What Is A Cross Trainer Good For?

The cross-trainer unlike some other cardio machines, provide a full body workout and increasethe number of calories burned.

Is A Cross Trainer Better Than A Treadmill?

This depends on how long you are workout for and the intensity of the session. You may burn more calories on either machine depending on the exercise routine you do. However both machines are excellent for cardio workouts & weight loss.

Can A Cross Trainer Burn Belly Fat?

A cross trainer is an effective method for boring belly fat. You will need to combine the use of the cross trainer with other CV equipment or exercises to see any major changes and workout results.

When using a cross trainer you can add variety to your fitness regime through different types of exercises you can do on this machine. This include:

  • Adding intervals. This is a quick way to boost your fitness. It works on a notion of ‘bursts’ of highly intense exercise with phases in between being slower. 
  • Increasing focus on your core. By increasing your core strength, you will in turn improve your posture and stability when exercising
  • Pedalling backwards. This engages your quads due to it’s unnatural nature, improves your agility and strengthens your legs and core.
  • Engaging your upper body.  Grab the handlebars and use your upper body strength to work out rather than focusing on pedalling. 
  • Increasing resistance. Overall this will burn more calories and have a higher output of energy as the exercise is harder. This in turn will strengthen your whole body.


What Are The Other Benefits?

This essential piece of cardiovascular gym equipment provides an all over body workout while burning fat. The machine allows you to walk, run, climb and step in an effective workout that is kind to your joints. We have listed the top 7 reasons why a cross trainer should be your workout equipment of choice:

  • Weight loss results, fast! Many people report a cross trainer accelerating their overall weight loss journey.
  • Joints are protected. When looking for cardio exercise as part of your gym routine, a cross trainer is less severe for your body than other equipment such as a treadmill.
  • Entire body workout. Cross trainers also workout your upper body allowing you to burn more calories.
  • Workout intensity is tailored to you. To create an effective workout on a cross trainer you can vary intensity and duration.
  • Safety of your exercise. Each large piece of equipment in the gym can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend a cross-trainer as a good place to start due to its simplicity. 
  • Increase strength. This workout provides an additional avenue to explore in achieving all round strength.
  • Full body workout at home! If going to the gym everyday isn’t at the top of your priority list you could also buy a cross-trainer for home.


Having a Cross Trainer at Home or at the Gym 

Having a cross-trainer at home can be a worthwhile investment. No trips to the gym when you don’t feel like it and no embarrassing moments or feeling like you’re not as fit as the next guy. Exercise from the comfort of your own home. Each one is tailored to the needs of the individual, here we have summed up all the information you need to make an informed purchase!

Buying a Cross Trainer

Firstly when thinking about making this purchase it’s important to understand the different types of cross trainer:

  • Incline – targets alternative muscle groups by mimicking hill walking and flat training.
  • Variable stride length – allows you to choose between walking (strides being shorter) and running (strides being longer)
  • Electro-magnetic resistance – uses magnets to vary level of resistance (a common feature of a decent piece of equipment)
  • Ergometer – typically more expensive and allows high accuracy of resistance level.
  • Belt resistance – typically cheaper and allows you to adjust resistance levels through a belt and flywheel.
  • Rear driven – the machine’s flywheel is placed at the back rather than the front (more rounded motion)
  • Front driven – flywheel is at the front of the machine given a flatter movement.
  • Fan elliptical – this only offers a restricted range of movement but is more affordable.

After understanding what each machine is tailored to, it is worth considering the following factors before you buy.

Where your cross-trainer will go: it is better to keep your fitness equipment inside and not in a cold room such as a garage as it is electric.

Having enough space for your equipment: when measuring the area for your cross trainer, be sure to: add 15cm to each side for access.

Ensuring the machine is for you: Each machine often provides different size options tailored to your weight and height.

Understanding stride length: typically the higher quality the machine, the longer stride length it will have as it affects the overall movement.

Understanding resistance levels:  The larger the amount of resistance levels on the equipment the greater range it will provide you with.

Other customer’s opinions: online reviews will provide you with any more information you may need and will ensure the brand is authentic and reliable. 

Is there a money-back guarantee: most company’s offer this to ensure the product is right for you, this is a beneficial addition to your purchase, just in case!


Thirdly in your journey to purchasing a cross trainer you should consider the budget you have to spend. Here is a breakdown of what your budget should get you.

  • Up to £300 – An entry level piece of fitness equipment for home use with manual resistance. Not ideal for intense workouts or interval training.
  • Between £300-£500 – regular and intense workout would be do-able on this machine. They are much more reliable than a cheaper model and feel smoother.
  • Between £500-£1000 – For professional and high-quality training we recommend this bracket. Longer stride length, resistance range and incline feature are all included.
  • Over £1,000 – A commercial level machine which could withstand constant use, similar to what you would find at a gym.

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