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If you’re looking for a sport that is easy to pick up and relatively inexpensive, boxing could be for you.

Boxing Equipment

If you’re looking for a sport that is easy to pick up and relatively inexpensive, boxing could be for you. Especially since at the beginning, you will not require much fancy equipment at all and as time goes on the number of items you will require is minimal. However, there is a small range of safety gear to ensure you’re well protected the more you participate in the sport.

The types of equipment you will require is largely dependent on whether you will be training with a boxing partner or without. In most cases, boxers would train both ways meaning a larger number of equipment pieces needed. Let’s understand each of these items individually. The main items you will need for this sport are boxing gloves, hand wraps, a heavy bag, headgear, a mouth guard and groin and chest protectors.

Boxing Gloves

It goes without saying boxing gloves are the first item of equipment needed to practice this sport. In a nutshell there are two main types of boxing gloves. The first are bag gloves and the second are sparring gloves. Your first priority should be to get your hands on a pair of bag gloves. If your budget is spent anywhere, it should be here, if not, you will need another pair in a few weeks!

Hand Wraps 

The main aim of hand wraps is to keep the bones in your hands and your wrists protected at all times. Additionally to this, hand wraps help protect your knuckles when particularly heavy punches are thrown. Also, investing in a pair of hand wraps helps your boxing gloves to last longer as sweat or blood that would otherwise collect in your gloves whilst working out will fall onto your hand wraps instead. These come in many different styles, colours and sizes.

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Exercise – Sports – Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment

Boxing FAQs

What Is Boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest and simplest sports. It typically describes two people fighting with their fists. It is a dual that has hundreds of years of history. This sport should not be viewed as a ‘brawl’ or ‘street fight’ as there are a series of rules and regulations that must be followed when competing. Such rules vary between levels of skill in this sport.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Aside from the fact boxing provides you with a fun workout as opposed to a boring fitness routine, there are several other benefits you will gain when taking up boxing as part of your exercise routine. These include: cardio fitness; improved coordination and improved self-defence and confidence.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Boxing?

On average if you start regularly training three to four times a week, you should have a solid grass of boxing in about 6 months.

Is Boxing Good For Fitness?

Boxing training is great for overall fitness. Like any cardio exercise it gets you heart pumping & helps to lower high blood pressure & heart disease risk.

Does Boxing Tone Your Body?

Boxing is very good at quickly helping you tone up your body and build strong, healthy muscles.

Heavy Bag 

This will only be required if you plan on practicing boxing from home. If like many you are only planning on training in boxing at the gym there will be no need to invest in your own bag. 

However, many people do enjoy throwing a punch or two from the comfort of their own home… If you are looking to invest in a heavy bag, there are many types but as a rule tend to around 70 pounds and are made of vinyl, leather or canvas. There is normally also the option of a hard or soft fill.


Headgear is only essential if you will be doing live sparring. This type of boxing means you are likely to take a few hits, meaning it is crucial your headgear is high quality. It doesn’t only protect you from cuts and scrapes, it also protects you from punches directly to your head. Whilst headgear will not prevent you from blacking out during an intense sparring session, it will alleviate a proportion of the blow.

Mouth Guard

After making the small investment into boxing gloves, the next most important piece of equipment is a mouth guard. This is important as if you part take in sparring without one you do risk having your teeth knocked out or your lips split open. The price of a mouth guard is extremely inexpensive, often literally only a couple of pounds, therefore there is no excuse not to pick one up as part of your boxing kit. 

Groin and Chest Protectors

This is another piece of boxing equipment that would only be required if you intend on sparring often. No one wants to get hit in these areas so investing in a piece of equipment that protects you from punches here will be something you thank yourself for purchasing later.


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