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When starting a sport or activity it can be difficult to know what to wear, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Boxing Clothing

When starting a sport or activity it can be difficult to know what to wear, especially if you’ve never done it before. Boxing can be intense, so keep this in mind when deciding on your outfit as well you will need to move your body in a range of motions. Continue reading to discover what you could wear during your boxing workouts.

What should you wear?

What to wear during your boxing is vital to your performance, your outfit will need to be comfortable and practical. Also, it should make you feel confident as this can make you feel better about yourself and boost your performance.


When choosing the top to wear to boxing training, it’s important to wear one that is fitted and will stay put when moving around whether this be during training or at a match. This is also partly because when you put on boxing gloves it can be difficult to tuck in a loose fitted long sleeve top, it will also be really annoying if your sleeve keeps moving up and down. Remember you will be moving around a lot! Therefore, it may be even better to just wear tops that have short sleeves or none at all, you will probably be much more comfortable.  

Ideally, for men, wearing a tight sports or vest top can be a great choice. Or you could even wear a compression top which can help you to stay a bit cooler. For women, wearing a sports bra is recommended as your body will be moving a lot, especially your upper body. You can wear a fitted top over this if you are more comfortable doing so. 

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Exercise – Sports – Boxing Clothing

Boxing Clothing

Boxing FAQs

What Is Boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest and simplest sports. It typically describes two people fighting with their fists. It is a dual that has hundreds of years of history. This sport should not be viewed as a ‘brawl’ or ‘street fight’ as there are a series of rules and regulations that must be followed when competing. Such rules vary between levels of skill in this sport.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Aside from the fact boxing provides you with a fun workout as opposed to a boring fitness routine, there are several other benefits you will gain when taking up boxing as part of your exercise routine. These include: cardio fitness; improved coordination and improved self-defence and confidence.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Boxing?

On average if you start regularly training three to four times a week, you should have a solid grass of boxing in about 6 months.

Is Boxing Good For Fitness?

Boxing training is great for overall fitness. Like any cardio exercise it gets you heart pumping & helps to lower high blood pressure & heart disease risk.

What essential clothing do you need for boxing?

There are some essential items of clothing needed when boxing or training including; a top, shorts or leggings, socks and shoes, handwraps. 


The best thing to wear on your bottom half is either shorts or leggings. Not only will you be using your upper body a lot to throw punches, but in training you will also be squatting, jumping rope and burpees. So wear something comfortable and that wont fall down! If you’re a man you may want to wear sports shorts which are comfortable as well as compression leggings or shorts, these are helpful with sweat and the worry of your shorts falling down. If you’re a woman, leggings or comfortable workout shorts are acceptable. 

Socks and shoes

If you are new to boxing, normal sports shoes or trainers will be absolutely fine for your first boxing sessions. However, if you decide that you really enjoy boxing and plan on pursuing it further then you may want to buy a pair of professional boxing shoes. Boxing shoes provide adequate support for all the different footwork techniques and moves you will be doing. It is recommended that you also get some good pairs of compression or sports socks as a lot of the moves you do will be repetitive and having the right socks and shoes will provide the support and comfort that you need.  

Hand Wraps

Often beginners forget to get these as they think they will only wear boxing gloves. However, you do not want to get sore knuckles or hands, which you will if you don’t wear these. It’s important to know how to wrap these properly too, so get practicing! Although, there is also the option of using gel wraps for hands and wrists which can be easier for beginners. But, traditional wraps are the best option for the correct support. 

More Boxing Gear that you should consider

Boxing Gloves: a lot of boxing clubs and studios will provide boxing gloves that you are able to borrow. However, it might be much nicer to have your own as these gloves can be very worn and not smell very nice, as so many people use them. 

Boxing shoes: as previously mentioned, this is not an essential for beginners but if you are planning on continuing you should maybe consider getting a proper pair of boxing shoes. Look for ones that you can easily pivot in and with little grip. 

Mouth guard: this is more so for when you start sparring with others, you will need one of these to protect your teeth from punches.

Hair tie: you will probably want to tie your hair up whilst boxing, you don’t want your hair to be in your face as it will be annoying and block your vision. 

Now you know what to wear are you ready to start boxing? Why not take a look at our boxing routines and programmes page for simple workouts to get you started.


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