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Helping You Find Success By Getting Active

Getting Active is a great way to stay motivated

If you fancy taking up a new hobby, like the idea of working out with others, or think you’d benefit from having a regular structured fitness routine, then its time to discover exercises that can help you get active today!

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Which Exercises Are Right For Me?

Question sets around Exercising. These are created by Wellbeing365 and selected from a pool of Q&A’s on exercising to guide you on your next steps.

What Is Cross-Country Running?

Cross-country running is where teams or groups of people run in a race outside, running over different natural terrains such as, grass or mud. This is an effective and convenient way to get active and stay in shape. 

What Is The Best Fitness Exercise For Beginners?

Walking is a great place to start, you can take this at your own pace whether this be a leisurely stroll or brisk walk. This in time could turn into a run or be incorporated into other workouts.

What Are The Best Exercise Classes?

Spin Class.
Zumba Class.
Barre Class.
Orange Theory Fitness OTF.
Hot Yoga.
Lagree Fitness (Formerly Lagree Pilates)
Cardio Kickboxing Class.

What Accessible Workouts Are Best For Toning?

The Best Workouts If You Just Want to Tone Up
Squat jumps
High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
Pilates. Pilates can help strengthen your core.
Cardio dance. If you want to have fun while you tone up, try cardio dance.
Yoga. Yoga class can build serious arm strength.

Why Are Group Workouts Better?

Exercise is great for mental health; Research has shown that it can lower stress, improve mood and even decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. But new research finds that a group exercise class may be even better for your mental wellbeing than a solo sweat session.

Free Fitness Class Advice - Get It Today

Whether you think you’re a gym beginner or an exercise expert, our free guides will provide you with fitness tips, including exercise ideas and discovering the best fitness classes and exercise classes for you.

How to get active

Step 1

Research exercises and decide on which ones appeal to you to start on journey to getting active. 


Step 2

Try out exercises that appeal to you personally

Step 3

Take action and try to stick to an exercise routine. Are you ready to get active?

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