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Your health can be improved and you can save a lot of money by not paying out for costly gym memberships.

Benefits of a Home Gym

Your home could be a haven, a place which stands firm through life’s challenges and struggles. Creating an area within your home dedicated to your fitness and personal health can therefore be valuable in enhancing your life. 

Your health can be improved and you can save a lot of money by not paying out for costly gym memberships. Also, instead of spending your time commuting back and forth to the gym with all of your workout attire, you could take a walk down your hallway into your own personal gym. You get to pick your own music, meaning you don’t have to put up with terrible exercise music ever again. 

Say you have to stay inside like during lockdown 2020 or you just prefer being at home, by having your own home gym, you will be happy knowing that your exercise routine can still go ahead and you can focus on your fitness goals. 

You may have a huge home gym full of the latest equipment or maybe you just have space for a yoga mat in the corner of your bedroom, having exercise equipment around your home will help you be consistent in your workouts. Home gym equipment can help you change your plain bodyweight circuits into effective conditioning and strength plans depending upon your setup. 

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Exercise – Gyms – Home Gym

         Benefits of a Home Gym

Home Gym FAQs

What is a home gym?

home gym is an area within your house with equipment designed to allow you to perform workouts in one area without the need to travel away from your home.

What are the benefits of having a home gym?

Reasons why you should consider having a home gym include cost, saves time, help reach your goals, no commute and comforatble atmosphere.

What should you have in your home gym?

Depending on your goals, budget and the amount of space you have, the equiptment in your gym may vary. However, to get started you could invest in dumbells, yoga mat, spin bike, skipping rope or kettlebells.

Where should I place my home gym?

You could dedicate a whole room to your home gym, or you could have equipment in a basement, attic, garage or a corner of a room. If you do not have enough space in one area for all of your equiptment, large equipment could be seperated and kept in different places.

Do you really need a home gym?

One particular reason that many people want a home gym is the convenience. There are other ways to incorporate exercise into your day however, having a home gym means you will not have to commute to a gym and exercise can then fit around your daily commitments. 

Are you prepared to cancel your gym membership to create your own home gym?

Of course, the fitness equipment that you purchase should depend on your health and fitness goals and the amount of space that you have. If you are aiming to grow muscle but don’t have a lot of space? Then dumbbells and a weight bench could be the best option. If you have the same goal with morte space, then you could invest in a barbell as well as other equipment. 

Do you enjoy cardio but do not have much space? You could consider a rowing machine which folds up. However, if you have more space and a higher budget then maybe getting a spin bike or treadmill is a good option.  

If you have a small budget and/or are living in a little apartment, don’t worry there are still many options for you to create an in-home gym. Such as purchasing resistance bands, ab rollers or pull up bars that can be put on doors. Your budget is not too small and neither is your house to create a fantastic home gym. 

Continue reading to find out the best equipment for an in home gym. 

Dumbbells – If you have a decent selection of dumbbells or even just a couple, you will be able to target several muscle groups in your body including chest, back, arms and legs. Dumbbells are easy, versatile and convenient to store and they are used in so many different types of workouts. 

Treadmill – Even though this is more expensive, treadmills can be a great asset to your home gym. They are great for cardio workouts or a warm up before starting your main workout.  

Spin bike – Spin bikes are also a great piece of equipment that can improve cardio fitness. Spin workouts are low impact and could be a fantastic addition to a home gym.

Ab roller – This is a simple piece of equipment that will give your abs a real workout, it is very effective in toning your core. If you are aiming to strengthen your core muscles then this could be the most effective piece of equipment for your home gym. 

Punch bag – Your core, upper and lower body can be engaged through boxing workouts. It is a fantastic aerobic workout that can increase endurance, strengthen ligaments and bones and improve coordination. It can also help relieve anxiety and stress, as well acquire skills for self defense. 

Yoga mat – A decent yoga mat can be used as a typical fitness surface as well as for yoga or pilates. 

Kettlebells – In gyms these can be overlooked, but similar to dumbbells, they can work several different muscle groups in your body. Incorporating kettlebells into your workout is a great way of building mobility and strength. Kettlebell swings can help you burn fat, tone muscles and increase your heart rate.

Rowing machine – Again, rowing machines are good for cardio and toning muscles. Rowing exercises your whole body in your core, back, arms and legs. It is also lower impact compared to running so protects your ankles and knees.

Resistance bands – When people think of strength training they often don’t think of resistance bands. They would usually choose weight benches or dumbbells. However, resistance bands can be extremely versatile, easy and lightweight to store around your home. These can be used within workout programmes or on their own. 

Skipping rope – So simple yet very effective. This fantastic exercise only requires a rope and a small bit of space inside or outside. Skipping not only burns calories but also helps to improve bone density and coordination.

Do any of these thoughts come into your head when thinking about exercising?

  • There’s not enough time to go for a workout session at the gym
  • After work im too tired to go to the gym
  • Gym memberships are too expensive

If so and these thoughts hold you back from sticking to an exercise plan, then could it be time for a change and set up your own home gym using the equipment above?

Home workouts have become so popular and more companies are selling equipment that you can use at home. A gym is no longer the only place where you can complete a workout for your whole body. No matter what your goals are, this could be to lose weight, stay active, gain muscle mass or improve your stamina. A home gym can do just that.

There are so many benefits of having a home gym including; 

  1. Fits around your day to day life – Your workout routine can fit around your schedule with a home gym rather than attempting to fit it around travelling back and forth to the gym. A home gym enables you to have freedom to train on your own terms, this could be when your children are asleep, first thing in the morning or watching your favourite TV programme. 
  2. Open 24/7 – Sometimes it is not possible to get to the gym in their opening times. However, if you have your own gym this will not be an issue. Bank holidays or gym closures will not affect your home workout. 
  3. Comfortable atmosphere – You can create a gym atmosphere which best suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Make sure your home gym is in a comfortable area of your home when setting it up where you can feel motivated when working out and where you want to spend a good amount of time. 
  4. Busy lifestyles – Some people have young children, work long hours at work or are just always doing different things, rarely fitness commitments come first especially when some people do not enjoy exercising to begin with. Home gyms mean you can fit your workouts around other commitments.
  5. No commute – Your gym will be in your own home meaning you can quickly walk to it whenever you want to. This will ensure you save so much time instead of commuting to a gym elsewhere and this gives you extra time to do other important things in your life such as seeing friends or family, reading, starting a business or doing a hobby. Completing 45 minutes of exercise will actually take 45 minutes instead of over an hour when travelling to a gym, sorting a locker and chatting to others.  
  6. Family time – A great advantage of having a home gym is the opportunity of making it a family activity. Exercise helps boost people’s moods positively and exercise can be a lovely way to socialise with the family and make it even better. This can help get family members away from the TV or electronic devices and ensure they are happier and healthier. 
  7. Save money in the long runGym memberships seem to be increasing in price and this can end up being very costly. Even though buying home gym equipment may seem expensive this is an investment which will definitely work out cheaper in the long run. If you work out the cost of your gym membership over a period of time, this adds up. You may be able to save yourself a huge amount of money by gradually investing in your own gym. 
  8. Less germs – Especially after Covid19 people are more conscious about germs and cleanliness. But with your own gym this will be less of a worry as less people will be touching your equipment and you know exactly when it was last cleaned. 
  9. Variety – Possibilities are limitless when building and designing your gym at home. A strong benefit of having your own gym is that you can choose what goes in it, including exercise equipment, mirrors, and music. 

How to get started?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a home gym and the best equipment for it. What you should do now is determine the type of gym that fits within your space and what will meet your needs. 

Home gyms can be one of the most effective investments that you can do to benefit your fitness and health, they also eliminate any excuses relating to a gym commute and not having enough time. There are so many reasons to consider having a home gym as stated above. Your perfect home gym may not happen all at once but little steps can help you get there. 

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